Wanda Smith and Katt Williams

Wanda Smith discussed her on-air incident with comedian Katt Williams that went viral on Friday. Wanda, co-host of the Frank & Wanda In the Morning Show with Frank Ski on V-103, said Frank asked her to invite Williams on the air when they learned he was in the green room with fellow comedian Red Grant, who was booked to be on their show.

Wanda said Katt Williams initially told her he did not want to be on the air. “I’m not booked to be on the show,” he reportedly told her. But Wanda said she begged Williams to go on the air and he reluctantly agreed.

Frank Ski and Wanda Smith

Wanda fought back tears as she explained how her and Williams’s on-air banter “went left” quickly. In hindsight, Wanda said she believes Williams agreed to go on the air “to attack me.”

“Every time I asked him something, he kind of came for me,” she said.

“I was looking in his eyes and it was like an attack.”

She added: “When he started coming at me, it kind of threw me off. I didn’t want to talk to him, my mind wasn’t on being disrespectful. I didn’t want to go back and forth.”

She added: “That made me feel so bad. I dint want to talk to him like that. It was a respect thing.”

Wanda also addressed a caller’s question regarding why co-host Frank Ski didn’t stop the attack.

Frank did attempt to go on a break, but Wanda and Williams kept going.

“I did expect you — as the man of the house — to stop the kids from playing. And that never happened,” she told Frank.

Frank defended himself, saying, “I looked at it as 2 comedian playing the dozens — and you lost. I didn’t feel in the moment that you were hurt,” he told her.

“You’ve got just as much power as I do to go to commercial,” he said. It’s unfair to say I should have stopped it just because you lost.”

After the show on Friday, Wanda pulled herself together and went to speak to homeless women at the Nicholas House in Atlanta. She recounted all the charitable work she has done in the Atlanta community over the years. “None of that stuff ever went viral,” she said, fighting back tears.

“It was hurtful that this was my first time meeting Katt Williams. It’s crazy how something that was supposed to be so great ended so bad,” she said.

Wanda apologized to her listeners who apparently hate her for no reason. Both Wanda and Frank discussed the hatred online from listeners who say she started the drama on Friday.

“If that’s how people feel, I can’t be upset. I am not feeling the hate,” said Wanda.

Wanda’s husband, LaMorris Williams (no relation to Katt), reportedly pulled a gun on Williams at the Atlanta Comedy Club in Norcross, GA on Saturday.

Wanda said she spotted Williams arriving at the club with his bodyguard.

Williams approached Wanda and said, “I told you f—ing with me would make you go viral,” Wanda quoted Williams.

Hearing that, her husband made a beeline for Williams, and checked his ass for stepping to his wife.

“I’ll jump on your big ass!” Williams reportedly told LaMorris.

According to witnesses, LaMorris pulled a gun on Williams and threatened him. He reportedly chased Williams into a nearby supermarket parking lot where more words were exchanged.

Katt Williams declined to press charges or give a statement about the incident.

A confidential source said Williams decided not to press charges because “LaMorris was just protecting his paycheck.”

Update: According to the AJC.com, LaMorris Williams was interviewed by Gwinnett police. He denied pulling a gun on Katt Williams or threatening him.

FYI: this post will be updated with video from this morning’s episode of the Frank & Wanda In the Morning Show.