Damon Wayans

‘Lethal Weapon’ star Damon Wayans stunned his fans when he announced he is quitting the series. Wayans spoke exclusively to EURweb.com about his decision.

EURweb‘s Jill Munroe was on the set of the show to speak with actress Keesha Sharp (who plays Trish Murtaugh) when Wayans told Munroe the shocking news.

via EURweb.com — An emotional and clearly hurting Damon Wayans went on to explain that as a 58-year-old diabetic, working 16-hour days had become too much. He also felt the strain that his current job was putting on his personal life. His mother and daughter recently underwent surgeries that the actor said he missed because he was working.

“It’s hard for me to play this loving, supportive father/husband/ friend on TV, but be the guy in life that is telling everyone, I can’t I have to work.”

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images