Bow Wow

Shad Moss, who goes by the stage name Bow Wow, was diagnosed with a case of tonsillitis while touring down under in Australia this week.

Tonsillitis is a bacterial infection of the tonsils that requires antibiotics, bedrest and plenty of fluids.

Bow Wow posted a Snapchat video explaining his illness. He plans to continue his tour so he won’t disappoint his fans.

In the clip, Bow Wow gave a shout out to his fans and thanked them for their love.

“As y’all know I’m tour right now. But what’s getting me through is not only the medication but y’alls love and reaction videos to the “Broken Heart” record. Man, that means so much to me y’all. It really does,” he said.

Bow Wow released a single titled “Broken Heart” (watch the video below).

Bow Wow

After his discharge from the ER, Bow Wow posted an image showing EKG leads still attached to his torso. It isn’t clear why he needed an EKG if he has tonsillitis.

Watch Bow Wow’s videos below. And don’t forget to record your reaction video. He loves the attention.



Bow Wow – Broken Heart
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