Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland set her social media timeline on fire when she posted a photo that appeared to show her skin 10 shades lighter. Kelly posted the image to promote her new eyewear collection at Barney’s NY.

Rowland posted the image, along with caption: “Hello Lover!” The photo sparked a frenzied debate among her followers who questioned whether the Destiny’s Child singer is bleaching her skin.

There is no denying that Kelly’s skin in the new image is a lot lighter than she was several weeks ago, but she is not known for having self-hate issues. But everyone knows it takes months of skin bleaching treatment to see a noticeable difference.

Some of Kelly’s fans attributed her new skin tone to makeup or lighting. But Kelly posted more photos from different angles under normal lighting conditions. The new images also show her skin lighter.

The bleaching debate comes on the heels of the uproar caused by Jamaican dancehall singer Spice who wore white face in a music video for her single “Black Hypocrisy” to call out dark skinned people who use bleach products.

Question: Do you think Kelly Rowland is bleaching her skin?

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