There’s a new twist in Usher Raymond’s herpes lawsuit case. User’s male accuser has dropped his request to see Usher’s medical records.

The John Doe who claimed he had intimate relations with the singer at a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles has dropped his request for Usher to turn over his medical records.

If you recall, a judge ordered the singer to turn over his medical records to his male accuser.

According to The Blast, the male accuser is withdrawing his request to see the medical documents and any past legal settlements over herpes.

Earlier this year, John Doe filed a motion to compel Usher to turn over his medical history. Doe said at the time that Usher was refusing to turn over the records due to physician-patient privilege.

Usher reportedly refused to answer any questions pertaining to any past settlements claims throughout the years.

There were rumors that Usher paid off a woman to the tune of $1 million, but after an exhaustive search of court records, nor could locate any documents pertaining to such a settlement.

Last year, Usher was sued by 4 people, including John Doe, who claimed they had sex with the singer and he exposed them to herpes.

Usher’s public image as a sex symbol has taken a hit as a result of the herpes allegations.

The cases are ongoing.

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images