R Kelly

R. Kelly’s music is in demand following the premiere of Lifetime Network’s much-hyped docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. The docuseries aired on Thursday night, and sales of his music went through the roof on Friday.

The docuseries resulted in the Pied Piper gaining new fans. Many of them downloaded his tunes after hearing the terrifying allegations made by multiple women in the documentary series.

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A rep for Spotify tells The Blast the “Ignition” singer’s streams have increased 16% since Lifetime aired part 1 of “Surviving R. Kelly” on Thursday night.

That’s a lot of cash in R. Kelly’s pockets after Spotify takes its cut.

The six-part docuseries focused on the testimonies of multiple women who claim the R&B singer/songwriter molested and abused them over the years.

The 51-year-old singer was accused of molesting several young women — one as young as 14 — over the past 2 decades. Kelly was acquitted of 21 charges of child pornography in a highly emotional trial in his native Chicago in 2008.

Since then he has faced more accusations — including allegations that he kept a harem of young women hostage in 2 mansions in the suburban Atlanta area. But no charges were filed against him.

Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images