Toni Braxton

R&B songstress Toni Braxton is seriously behind in her taxes to Uncle Sam. The 51-year-old reality TV star allegedly owes nearly half a million dollars in back taxes. Rumor has it that Braxton dumped ex-fiancé Bryan “Birdman” Williams when she discovered he was as broke as she was.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Internal Revenue Service filed the first lien against the singer on December 4. The lien states that Braxton owes a total of $340,252.99 in back taxes for 2017.

A few days later, the State of California Franchise Tax Board hit Braxton with a tax lien of over $116,154.64 — for a grand total of $456,407.63.
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Birdman, 49, and Braxton announced their break up on social media on New Year’s Day.

The Ca$h Money Records co-founder wrote, “It’s over” on his Instagram story, while Braxton was more poetic, writing:

“Starting a new chapter isn’t alway an easy choice…
but ALWAYS choose to be chosen.
Cheers to a new year.”

The break up comes after Braxton “lost” the pricey engagement ring that Birdman gave her. She claims the $1 million ring was stolen from her Louis Vuitton luggage at the airport.

Birdman also had a rough year financially. Court documents shows his Miami Beach mansion was repossessed after he failed to repay a $12 million loan he took out using the manse as collateral. He also has tax problems of his own.

This isn’t Braxton’s first rodeo with the IRS. As The Blast first reported, both the IRS and the State of California filed tax liens against her last year, claiming she owes a total of $780,808.29 in back taxes.

Braxton has filed for bankruptcy twice in the past — once in 1996 and again in 2010 (listing over $10 million in debt). A federal court judge discharged most of her debt in 2014 — giving her a chance to start over with a clean slate.

Braxton claimed she had to file for bankruptcy a second time due to health problems that caused her to cancel a series of lucrative Las Vegas concerts.

Braxton currently stars on the WeTV reality show “Braxton Family Values.”