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Donald and Melania Trump

President Trump says he wants to stamp out HIV, the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Trump will announce his plan to wipe out HIV by 2030 during his State of the Union Address to the nation tonight.

Before Trump ran for President, he generously donated to AIDS research, and he and his wife Melania attended Elton John AIDS Foundation galas.

On Tuesday night, President Trump will pledge to end the HIV epidemic in America, according to a report on website.

But health experts say if the President is serious about ending the HIV epidemic, he should treat transgenders and immigrants better.

Saying Trump's announcement would be a "pleasant surprise," health expert Lucy Bradley-Springer told Buzzfeed that Trump "would be an unlikely messenger for ending the stigma toward people with HIV."

Bradley-Springer was one of six experts who resigned from the presidential advisory committee on HIV policy before it was disbanded by Trump. They wrote a scathing letter saying Trump's policies harmed people with HIV and AIDS.

About 1.2 million Americans are living with HIV, and every year another 40,000 people are infected. Men who have sex with men (MSM), Black women, and immigrants are among the highest risk categories to contract HIV.

"Many immigrants are afraid to access HIV prevention and medical care, out of fear of deportation," noted a report from AIDS United. "These barriers have the potential to drive dramatic increases in new HIV cases among Latinx gay and bisexual foreign-born men."

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    How would treating transgenders and immigrants better help end HIV?

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    i would laugh except he isnt even funny anymore just disturbingly dumb af. All yall who voted for him are gonna live a nightmare when his @ss is out of office. Clown with his loose pucci heaux right next to him. Fck em

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    Dump works for big pharma now huh?? He's a chemist now huh?? Pharmacy companies want to please him huh?? It'll take 11 years huh?? By then he won't be in office anymore huh??

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    He couldn't even bully little ol Mexico into paying for his wall. And that was one of his biggest lies. Er, promises. And he was supposed to defeat ISIS. STILL waiting on that one.
    Now he thinks he can somehow wipe out HIV. Is this the same guy who tried to take away people's healthcare? I'm gonna need cliff notes tomorrow because I won't be watching his lying ass on my tv tonight.

  • Yardgirl

    On Tuesday night, President Trump will pledge to end the HIV epidemic in America, according to a report on website.
    What in the heyl?? No one can END an epidemic like this. If people want to have unprotected sexual contact without using protection how can you stop them? How sway.

  • Soda

    He'll probably have anyone who's infected deported to one of those new islands that have popped up.

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    45 said we would get trump care cards for medical purposes and that he would show his compromised taxes. Take both of those and this with a grain of salt.

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    They BEEN had a cure for HIV.... they just needed to get RICHER from prolonging infected people's insurance for awhile... yeah I said it.....y'all play too much...?

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    That's because the epidemic is headed into the white middle class communities with all the drug users.

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    Please! Theres more money in the medication not the cure, they would never!

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    They will nvr tell the cure

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    Same reason he wants the wall. Would have been cheaper to build back when the crack epidemic occurred but who cared?

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    Is he going to walk on water too?

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    Healthcare for all would be helpful if they really wanted to eliminate it. Killing health plans is helping NO ONE.

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    This post is sure enough to drive up the numbers.

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    SOTU starts at 9 pm.

    I will be watching the new show about Soul Train at that time. Oh well.

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    All has to do at this point is release the cure, (that's already in existence sitting on the shelf)...then he makes himself the yt Savior...please ..I see straight thru this thing...

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    Yep...this country is ratchet af..

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    True! In the words of great philosopher Chris Rock they ain't cured a disease since Polio...

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    Capitalism at it's best

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    He's going to wipe out AIDS like how he was going to build a wall and Mexico was going to pay for it...More lies, garbage and fairytales...

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    I know it's been there.

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    Yeah nobody cared about it when it was gays and blacks. Now its hitting them and as always...its an epidemic now. Nobody gaf about our black ass HIV/AIDS.

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    Very much so a diversion from what's really happening.. as usual!

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    He wants so bad to do something to make sure his presidency has a place in history and that it leaves something of significance. That's why he so adament about the wall and now this, lolol

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    so now we have proof/evidence when men stop sleeping with men no aids when men who sleep with men stop sleeping with women after they have slept with men no aids immigrants should not come into this country sick with aids and illegals should not be here period!

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    Brandi Norwood cancelled her live Kennedy Center performance because she wasnt allowed to lip sync ?. Then blamed her absence on a mystery illness??

    Good ol Lying a$$ Brandi? up to her old antics ???

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    Can I get an AMEN! Same thing with opioid overdoses. Now because Becky and John are overdosing on a regular, it's an epidemic.

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    Sandra must like Trump... he looks younger and weighs a lot less.

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    Wiping out HIV..... WOW What community would that help.....
    Finally somebody talking about wiping out Aids....

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    I mean .... they BEEN found a cure for that damn disease. But the health industry is a big business. If people ain’t sick, they’re not making no money. Hence why they’re putting cancer in the food now.

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    Exactly...there's more money in the treatment than the cure.

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    There is already a cure for Aids, the FDA has not approved it yet.. They are still testing it.. He is not making a blank promise, the cure is already here, it’s a fight to get the FDA to approve it..

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    I started out watching Castaway. Then I flipped it and started watching that ole throwback show....... "Inside Of My Eyelids". #zzzzzzzzzz

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    It's already a cure. Always has been one. But since folks ain't handing out the cure for the common cold, we will NEVER see the cure for HIV/AIDS!

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