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Cardi B has time today. The “Clout” rapper went in on Instagram blogger Angie who operates the popular Instagram blog, Shaderoom. In a series of posts on Tuesday, Cardi, 26, called out the blogger and her unpaid interns for not posting enough positivity about her and her husband, Migos rapper Offset.

In one post, the Bronx mom wrote, “This is why I don’t f-ck with that nasty ass fake ass page that always claim they for the people but in a BIAS way!”

She then went on to list the IG blog’s transgressions, including posting too frequently about Quality Control label CEO Pee Thomas’s personal life.

Pee, who has half a dozen children, recently welcomed a baby daughter with one of his concubines, while awaiting the birth of his other concubine.

Cardi made it clear last year that she has no love for the Shaderoom.

Now she’s mad because TSR posted about husband Offset’s latest brush with the law.

Clayton County’s DA filed three new charges against the rapper for firearms possession and misdemeanor marijuana possession. These charges are in addition to the gun charge he was hit with after a traffic stop in February.

Cardi claims Shaderoom is not supportive of Black people. But is Cardi good for Black people?

Didn’t she talk disparagingly about Black women in the past? And why does a Nubian Black queen have to be built like a refrigerator?