The long-awaited Mueller report was released on the Internet Thursday morning. Liberal media outlets were in meltdown mode as they absorbed the impact of the Mueller report which found no Russia collusion by President Donald Trump.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller, pictured right with former President Obama, left, and former FBI director James Comey, center, delivered his final report on the Russia collusion probe in March.

In his report, Mueller found no collusion on the part of the president. He acknowledged the Justice Dept. policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted. And he noted that a president “does have immunity after he leaves office.”

The released report contained over 440 pages with 880 redactions and edits. Anti-Trumpers focused on Trump’s own words such as when he expressed fear that the Mueller investigation would be the end of his presidency.

As part of the Russia collusion probe, Mueller also investigated whether Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing Comey after the former FBI director refused to tell the public that Trump was innocent.

The Mueller report contains at least 10 instances of possible obstruction that Attorney General William Barr called nothing burgers.

But the news media and the Democrats in Congress focused on those 10 instances of possible obstruction as the “road map to impeachment.”

The following are some of the 10 “instances” of possible obstruction of justice that the Democrats hope will lead to impeaching President Trump:

1. Trump told his White House counsel to stop then-AG Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Mueller investigation.

Trump reportedly told WH counsel Donald McGhan to order Sessions to remain in the investigation. But Sessions recused himself anyway – which angered Trump. Sessions was later forced out of his job.

2. Trump’s Termination of James Comey

Mueller investigated whether Trump tried to force Comey to tell the American public that Trump did not collude with the Russians. At a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017, Comey refused to answer any questions about the Russia probe. Trump was reportedly furious, and the following weekend he told aides he wanted to fire Comey.

3. Trump’s Efforts to Remove Special Counsel Mueller

Somewhere in the report it is mentioned that the president threw a small tantrum and reacted to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller by trying to fire him. Trump reportedly told advisors that Mueller’s appointment was “the end of his presidency.” Trump reportedly demanded that Jeff Sessions resign from office. But when Sessions tendered his resignation, Trump refused to accept it.

It has been noted by political pundits that the president had every right to be upset that the Democrats were investigating him.

4. Trump’s Possible Connection to Wikileaks

Mueller investigated whether Trump’s campaign knew in advance that Wikileaks would release damaging emails hacked from Hillary Clinton’s illegal server in her basement. During a nationally televised debate in 2016, Trump famously begged Wikileaks to leak the 33,000 emails hacked from Clinton’s server. Details from that investigation were heavily redacted from Mueller’s report. Mueller explained that he did not draw ultimate conclusions about the president’s conduct in regards to Wikileaks.

Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images