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The Federal Bureau of Investigation and local police used cell phone data to locate the body of a 5-year-old boy who was reported missing from his Crystal Lake, Illinois home last Thursday.

JoAnn Cunningham, 36, and Andrew Freund Sr, 60, were charged with murder Wednesday, hours after authorities found the body of their son, Andrew "AJ" Freund, wrapped in plastic and buried in a shallow grave on a farm in rural Woodstock.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Crystal Lake police Chief James Black said both parents confessed and provided information about the body's location after they were confronted with cell phone data that shows their cell phones pinged off a tower near the farm, about 15 minutes from their home.

Freund and Cunningham are charged with first-degree murder, aggravated battery, and failure to report the death of a child. They will go before a judge on Thursday morning.

Chief Black spoke directly to the child after announcing the charges.

"To AJ," he said, "we know you are at peace playing in heaven's playground and are happy you no longer have to suffer."

The body was found on farmland bordered by woods and a small stream. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death.

A neighbor who watched the farm for the owner said deputies knocked on his door early Wednesday and said they were going to begin a search.

Luis Maldonado described the area as very isolated and remote.

"It's very quiet," he said. "If they found a body here, I don't know how they found this place."

Freund and Cunningham met in 2012 when Freund represented her during a divorce. She soon fell pregnant and AJ was born in 2013 with opiates in his system.

Cunningham's attorney said they were never married.

Freund is authorized by the state to practice law, but he is on probation from a 2015 suspension by the Illinois Supreme Court, according to the Chicago Tribune.

He and Cunningham were found guilty of indirect civil contempt for the removal of property from her marital home, in violation of a court order. He was sentenced to two weeks in jail, and she was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail.

Freund was also diagnosed with opioid and cocaine abuse, and was ordered to abstain and continue treatment and participate in a 12-step treatment program with progress reports to the court.

ABC7 News reports that the family had a long history with the Department of Children and Family Services since AJ was born with opiates in his blood. DCFS and local police went out to the home 17 times since 2013. The last visit was in December 2018.

During one visit to the home on Dole Avenue, police described the living conditions as "unacceptable." The small house was littered with animal feces and urine on the floors, and there was a strong odor of feces in the children's bedroom. There were several broken windows and open windows, and open spaces in the kitchen floor revealing sub flooring.

One officer responded to the home when a neighbor called to say the house was without power for weeks. Cunningham refused to let the officer inside the house, but the officer spotted the children through a window. The officer called a supervisor, then called DCFS, but was told a power outage was not sufficient reason to remove the children.

After AJ was reported missing on Thursday, his 3-year-old brother was removed from the home and placed in the care of DCFS.

DCFS acting director Marc Smith said in a statement that the news of AJ's death was "heartbreaking," and that the agency's priority is the care and safety of AJ's brother.

"The department is committed to conducting a comprehensive review of the entirety of our work with Andrew's family to understand our shortcomings and to be fully transparent with the public on any steps we are taking to address the issues," he said.

  • MocaPretty

    This cannot be bc there is no such thing as white on white crimes *insert sarcastic straight face*

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
  • Yoni7

    Freund and Cunningham met in 2012
    Freund and Cunningham look like long lost father and daughter or brother and sister.

  • Rayscoty

    "AJ's death was "heartbreaking," and that the agency's priority is the care and safety of AJ's brother "

    Who thought it was safe to leave AJ and take the brother.. These stories be confusing sometimes..

  • R in NYC

    A power outage for weeks was not not being able to cook, keep food cold, heat shower and bath water was not detrimental to the children????....Somebody at DCFS needs to be fired immediately.

  • Yoni7
  • Hunni24

    They took the brother after AJ went missing.

  • KLove

    God forbid I ever get an injury to where I would need to be prescribed any kind of opiod....I had a coworker die of an OD on heroin and fentanyl...good in a bad accident...when the prescriptions ran out and he couldnt afford to buy any more pills...he turned to heroin and fentanyl to ease his pain.....he was never the same after that

  • wigmon68

    The difference being they will want these 2 executed for their deeds instead of entering a "diversion" program.

  • rockstar2142

    I tell you dfacs is terrible don’t matter what state your in. When is something gonna be done about them they stay failing these kids. R.I.P lil aj??

  • luVn_liFe…

    the are thee worse! DCFs goal is ALWAYS reunification. <- my @$$!

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    The daddy was 60??? Well damn we ain’t talking bout no teenie boopers like I thought

  • rockstar2142

    Yes the absolute worse. They keep sending these kids back just to die.

  • finallymadeitn

    I had a co-worker whose husband was addicted to percocet after a work injury. She would have to bring his pill to work to keep him from taking too many. So when my husband torn 3 tendons in his knee they tried to give him percocet I was like no thanks.

  • Guest

    AJ's mother is seven months pregnant and the baby will probably be born with drugs in its system too.. I hope she never gets to lay eyes on that baby.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil
  • deadellamore

    So sad! RIP little AJ.

  • rockstar2142

    Right! Have her deliver that baby then keep it moving.

  • WinterIsComing

    If yall only knew how many lawyers are junkies. These folks have been pooping pills and snorting coke since high school. The drug use only increases in law school.

  • MsSapphire9800

    I know all children are precious...but I wish they would this much money and energy for our Black Missing Children....Everyone knew that child was decease when they started the would think a Lawyer would have some common sense not to mess with a druggie and produce an offspring.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    17 times?!

    Those children should’ve been taken before it got this far. Some people lose their children for much less!

  • WinterIsComing

    I’ve been prescribed oxy codone in high school for a back injury. I took them as prescribed-never got addicted. I took out my prescription in class to pop one. A white boy saw them and asked me to sell him one. I threw them away and had my dr. Prescribe some high level ibuprofen. I didn’t want anything that would make me act like that white boy. I had vicodin for when my wisdom teeth were pulled. I used them as prescribed and never got addicted. My bf was prescribed opioids for his broken knee. It made him high-he didn’t like that feeling so he used them sparingly. These junkies are not victims.

  • rockstar2142

    Exactly! At what point is enough.

  • luVn_liFe…

    yup my hubby had his gall bladder removed in Jan and wass prescriped percocets.. I still have about 17 in the bottle of 25

  • Topic Influencer

    Didnt even want to come to this post but downstairs turned rude, malicious, and religious.

    RIP to this baby

  • Topic Influencer

    He a druggie too. Dysfunctional city

  • MsSapphire9800

    OFF TOPIC....what the hell is wrong with women...Why???? Woman arrested for raping 4-year-old boy...and had the nerve to record and upload the shyt to social media.

  • the guest

    "To AJ," he said, "we know you are at peace playing in heaven's playground and are happy you no longer have to suffer."

    God Bless this police chief.

    The body was found on farmland bordered by woods and a small stream. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death.

    The only nice place his parents ever brought him, and it was to bury him.

    Drugs are EVIL.

  • Seldomseen

    Fry them

  • MsSapphire9800

    Add Doctors and Police Officers to that list...

  • Seldomseen


  • Tiff J

    WHAT!!?!?! She must be on drugs.

  • Topic Influencer

    Eons ago and I do mean eons...very early 2000s (I was in my early 20s myself). I worked for the state chapter of the Association of Trial Lawyers. Baby. BAYBEEEE. And we were a nonprofit. It was run by an attorney who was a blazen drunk. I mean passed out in his office type drunk. I also learned during my short stint there, that a whole LOT of lawyers are dumb af. Im talking you are in a CONSTANT state of wondering how the hell you made it through LAW SCHOOL and is this for real type dumb. If I needed anything pertinet I learned early to bypass the attorney's and talk directly to their Legal assistant/Paralegal. They dont know SHAT. Would get a gazillion letters about being disbarred bc of lack of CLE credits and STILL wouldnt know how many credits they needed to stay barred. Was a HUGE cluster.

  • Vonn

    I saw that story yesterday & couldn't bring myself to read it. That woman looks like she has some screws loose.

  • Tiff J

    HE was ALSO a druggie. So....

  • xenaD

    This is the truth truth!!

  • Topic Influencer

    Would call us on like Thursday at 4 pm and be like I need 24 CLE credit hours by Tuesday or Imma be disbarred. Youse a DAMN FOOL. Do you know how MANY letters your ass get from the state bar before you are LEGIT disbarred? Like 4-5 MONTHS worth. And would be MAD bc NOBODY would come in on the weekend to do video replays for them (where they just watch previously taped CLE classes and get credit for it). Im not coming to open this office to play videos for you to still practice. THAT IS YOUR LAW LICENSE SIR.

  • Topic Influencer


  • Klassy 1

    YT people!

  • Pitty Patty

    Looks like Kim K will fit in just fine. She'll just be face of the law firm and have the real smart people working for her.

  • Trucie bedford

    Cant help but feel like system failed AJ here. Sad that kids are so innocent and dont ask to be born, yet they're being abused and killed at such high rates. Like this is every day. Babies are dying horrible deaths at the hands of ppl who are supposed to protect them. What is going on with our world??

  • Pitty Patty

    Crystal Lake is very nice suburb here in Chicago. Goes to show that don't matter

  • missarewa

    totally agree

  • MsSapphire9800

    No drugs are not Evil...PEOPLE ARE EVIL.

  • Mz_Opinionated

    My story is similar to yours. Prescribed Percocet for Wisdom Teeth removal. Never took them. Prescribed Vicodin for when I had surgery on my gums. Took maybe 3. Not really my thing to be a pill popper. I don't get it. All any of that stuff did was make me sleepy. I don't know. I feel bad for so many people that are dependent. It's dangerous.

  • MsSapphire9800

    Sorry white folks get extensions regardless of bad the situation is..

  • blue skies


  • Guest

    What in the whole entire HELL!

  • wonderwoman

    It’ not just white people. A trial is going on right now in Atlanta where the father, and step mother tortured and killed his 10 year old daughter. They found her stuffed in a barrel, and set a fire. I hope they fry them also.

  • Guest

    Back in the Day when folks was shooting Heroin, they nodded and took care of their kids. I don't know what in the entire HELL is going on now!

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Humanity is extended towards them.

    Not us. We’re animals ?????

  • WinterIsComing

    Exactly! Those folks got a whiff of what it was like to be high and enjoyed it! I only used the pills as needed. But these fools are out here eating them like candy. They’ll steal from their mama and kill you over your purse so they can buy more pills. I’m over it.

  • Guess Who

    I'm just asking yall so don't bite off my head unless you nibble first, lol.

    Why is this specific case making the blogs? Rich and white, perhaps?

  • WinterIsComing

    That’s a damn shame but I see no lies.

  • WinterIsComing

    Exactly! You’re not supposed to abuse them. You know your body and when sh!t isn’t right.

  • WinterIsComing

    ???? “nodded and took care of their kids”

  • Victorious82

    He’s some old dude that probably plied this chick with drugs. Kept her drugged up and pregnant. This is a sad story.

  • WinterIsComing

    I wish we could use capital punishment for pedophiles. Smh

  • SunRiseBlossom

    Lord have mercy... This is so sad. She must've performed oral because I know durn well a 4 year old baby could not satisfy her old azz. That heffa need to be locked away for LIFE without parole!!!

  • KLove

    I feel you, but some folks are stronger than others. If someone already has a propensity to become addicted to things, prescribing them medications that they are prone to become addicted to only exacerbates the problem. They are victims, of their own addictive proclivities.

    that was a lot of big trying to sound intelligent today lol

  • SunRiseBlossom

    The officer called a supervisor, then called DCFS, but was told a power outage was not sufficient reason to remove the children.
    Just WOW... that is all I got! No heart for these innocent babies! That day could have possibly saved this boys life. Had they let the officer remove the children from the home.

  • WinterIsComing

    I appreciate your empathy. Although an individual might be more inclined to be addicted than orhers it is ultimately their personal responsibility to make wise decisions and choices. They are not forced to continue taking the drug once they realize it gets them high or they rely on it to get through the day. I see this epidemic as a way of thinning the herd.

  • tintin

    why he 60 with a 5 yr old? and she preggers again?? how is his sperm still operational with age and drugs you would think it depletes

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    A licensed therapist told me that mental health & drugs are the normal reason behind these child deaths.

  • Dowoop

    Nipsey post?

  • Rere

    Wow! I couldn't imagine hurting, well killing my sons?? they are my pride and joy. We live in a sick, mentally, fkd up world.

  • SpiceGirl

    Can you say....WRONG on SOOOO many levels!!

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    "To AJ," he said, "we know you are at peace playing in heaven's playground and are happy you no longer have to suffer."

    this done tore me up, smh... RIP little one, they can't hurt you anymore.... fugg'n savages.

  • jujumanji

    The system as well as these "parents" failed this little boy. So sad.

  • Mz_Opinionated

    Goodness...Do you ever watch the show Intervention on A&E? They did a entire series/season on Opioid addiction. Called the Heroin Triangle I believe.

  • Mz_Opinionated

    Not "thinning" the herd sis...

  • Hunni24

    I am like you and take prescription pain pills sparingly. But we had temporary pain and discomfort. What about folks who have chronic severe pain? What is their recourse?

  • AListDiva29

    The whole DCFS/CYS system in America needs an overhaul! Too many over worked/not enough social workers or resources (i.e. money) to protect children in bad situations! The police were called to this home 10 times and they still weren't taken away? Plus this woman is 7 months pregnant! SMDH! We need to start sterilizing here in America, this shi* is heartbreaking and un-neccessary! This poor boy was failed by his community and the system!

  • WinterIsComing

    Sure did! I love Intervention. Those folks were smoking crack and shooting heroin.

  • WinterIsComing

    Yup THINNING. Natural selection at its finest.

  • WinterIsComing

    If they’re junkies, they better figure something else out.

  • Renee26

    Trash azz breeders

  • Look@m3

    How is power out not a reason`TO REMOVE kids. So I can guess you can raise your kids on the street with no food or water and still not have them taken away. This some bull. The system just didn't want to take them kids in and now look what happen. They should be held responsible as well!

  • Beloved Jordan

    This can't be true

  • Trace da Ace

    I HATE THESE TWO METH HEADED, DIRTY, CRACKER ASS CRACKERS!!!!!!! What they did to this boy.....they both should get the needle!!!!!

  • Trace da Ace

    It is because of the child....and to expose how the system failed him....and how disgusting and ratchet his parents are.....and they BOTH are dirty, trashy ass white folks.

  • Alextra Ballard

    Lock they aszes up,throw away the key therefore these two will never be able to procreate again. These dummies really thought they were finna get away with murder. They all on t.v. crine and shidt,beggin for the return of A.J. when they dun kilt and buried his body on someone else's property

  • Corey R
  • Alextra Ballard

    It's nothing that po child could have done to warrant them killin him. Absolutely Nothing

  • Trace da Ace

    exactly.....hell they could have dropped him off at a church or firehouse or somewhere where he could have been cared for and loved.....hell I would have taken him in!!!

  • DroneRivers

    Damn shame but I'm glad they removed the 3 y/o. Saved his life no doubt.

  • Ghost

    I’m SICK of DCFS stating how committed they are ??! This is happening too often. After 17 times...nobody at DCFS thought there was a problem!? Just sad....

  • Judi Jupiter

    I keep saying this. Mandate birth control.

  • BingBangBoom

    Nope.. This is so sad

  • teather

    They failed this little boy so badly. We, As a community, need to start doing our own interventions. I know this gets tricky cuz whyte ppl call the police for everything. IJS that we need to police our own hoods, protect our own children and build our own economic base. We need to look out for ourselves. Look at the kids those two whyte women drove off the cliff. Those were OUR kids whose lives they took Could you imagine if two black women did that to 5 whyte kids??? I "heard" that Charlize and Sandra are fighting over adopting the only survivor of that accident. (or maybe he was never there to being with??) IJS we need to protect our own.

  • Dasright

    Judi, they aren't trying to hear that. It would solve a lot of issues and free up a lot of money.

  • Alextra Ballard

    I dunT learned som'n tewday.....if umma dew some real ill shidt ( i.e. kill somebidy) umma have to leave my celly home,so it won't be ping'n and shidt off cell towers.

  • Topic Influencer

    Bun B

  • Logan Roberts

    So I guess having power/utilities is a luxury who knew ?. I hope they burn in hell.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    "...a 5-year-old boy who was reported missing from his Crystal Lake, Illinois home.." Crystal Lake? Ain't that the name of the camp where Jason killed all those teens in Friday the 13th? I could just be trippin though..

  • Karen Brady

    I watch TOO many crime shows and movies and I never understand why the criminal doesn't leave their cell phone at home?

  • Melanated Goddess??

    I knew his parents killed him with the moment I laid eyes his junkie mother. She was on tv with her lawyer trying to squeeze a tear out while looking at the camera. Also who comes from the doctors office at exactly 8:15 AM ? What time was his fathers appointment? What doctors office is open that early? Unless he was coming from the ER. None of the lies that childs parents told made anysense. Then his junkie mother stopped cooperating with the authorities. Smh. That was another red flag.

  • country57

    DCFS dropped the ball big time. This child should be alive, 17 visits??? smdh

  • Guess Who

    That happens DAILY though. Why is this specific case making the news?

  • xxxgracious

    That's a damn shame its considered a luxury. I'll admit I thought I was superwoman after my son's father and I split. But little did I know that it wasnt an easy road. I fell short on my power bill and was told I had one more day before disconnection. As much as I wanted to prove to everyone I had my ish together I couldn't let my infant at the time astay in a cold house. I gave in and asked his father for some money. It never happened again but I be damned if I'm going to have my son living without power for weeks. WTH...

  • soldierwoman89

    "DCFS and local police went out to the home 17 times since 2013. The last visit was in December 2018." 17 times....REALLY THO! I blame the parents and DCFS.

  • MNjumpoffacliff

    Give them the same treatment

  • Li-Wright

    Thanks god for the Feds. Notice that when local law enforcement is at a standstill they call in the Feds and the case is quickly solved.

  • Li-Wright

    The neighbors did intervene by calling the Social Servs time and again. It was Social Services that dropped the ball.

  • Logan Roberts

    Whatever caseworker that was on this case needs to be terminated.

  • B.Loveitt

    !!!Stop killing children!!!

  • Alextra Ballard

    And she lawyer'd up...why would yew stop cooperating with law enforcement when your child is missin....

  • Alextra Ballard

    Bottomline,DCFS needs to be revamped....the system is broken.....they're continuously failing these poor innocent kids.

  • country57


  • zigzagchambers
  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real



    I called DFCS on my sister after seeing her choke and punch my nephew in the mouth and they did nothing because he 'seemed happy'. DFCS is a joke.

  • RespectSelf

    This is really sad. Did I see that they met because he was her attorney? representing her? If so, that is sad how life can take a sad turn. Drugs really be out her destroying lives.

  • TwitterFingerz

    I couldn't stop crying hearing about this poor child and what he went through. Then the parents have a bond??? How??? The system is continually failing this little boy even after he has passed. And DCFS never does their job. Its so many Illinois kids this has happened to in the last year its a damn shame. RIP to this angel.

  • Judi Jupiter

    For real... and if you got three kids and been on welfare for more than 5 years, sterilize. You cant afford these humans you bringing into the world.

  • Chuck
  • justin