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A California judge granted rapper The Game a small victory over his creditor who demanded his recording royalties to pay off her $7 million judgment against him.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a judge denied a request by Priscilla Rainey who demanded the rapper turn over all of his royalties to her.

Rainey sued The Game in 2015 for assaulting her while she was a contestant on his reality TV show She's Got Game. In her lawsuit, Rainey claims the rapper sexually assaulted her by forcefully shoving his hand down her dress and rubbed her genitals and buttocks in front of other contestants.

She won a judgement of $7,254,123.18 after The Game defaulted by not showing up to contest the lawsuit in court. He filed an appeal but the higher court refused to overturn the decision, leaving him holding the bag for the full amount.

Rainey has accused The Game of not paying her one red cent.

She asked the court to force him to turn over information about his finances - which he hasn't done. And she demanded he turn over all of his royalties from future albums to pay off his debt.

But the judge ruled she can't seize his music royalties because her motion was improperly filed and there is no emergency. The judge noted that Rainey could seize his royalties in the future but not at this time.