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Chicago police released 1,000 files in the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax case that shows he Googled himself 57 times in the days after his staged hoax attack.

The documents show Jussie Googled himself 57 times in the 12 days after the hoax attack.

The files included text messages exchanged between Jussie, 34, and Abel Osundairo, one of two brothers who confessed to helping the actor stage the hoax to boost his celebrity profile on Fox TV’s Empire.

The text messages were released on Monday night among a document dump of 1,000 files, including 70 hours of surveillance videos.

Dozens of texts between Jussie and Abel show Jussie sexted Abel and also discussed obtaining drugs.

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In one text exchange, Jussie repeatedly asked Abel over to “smoke” and jokingly told him he had turned him into his “drug pusher.”

In another text exchange, Jussie flirted with Abel by offering him a “non-sexual massage” from a male masseuse he had hired for the evening.

“This dude is amazing,” Jussie said, adding: “He’s being paid for two anyway.”

In his reply, Abel rejected Jussie’s advances and declined the massage, saying, “I’m good with sticky fingers.”

Jussie responded by saying the male masseuse used to be a woman. “I looked and so did my guy,” Jussie said.

Abel once again declined the massage, texting, “I’m good on the massage.”

A few minutes later, Jussie texted back, “This ni–a is handling life. Sucking my d–k and it’s all good and working!”

The majority of the texts were about drugs.

Jussie: “Can you get 4 molls (ecstasy pills)?”

Abel: “I can.”

Jussie: “By this evening?”

Abel: “Yessir…. You wanna come grab it or should I come there?”

Jussie: “Come through. You got weed I can buy? I feel like you’ve become a full drug pusher on my watch haha.”

Abel: “Right. The new pablo Escobar minus the. I don’t sell though I just get.”

Last week, a Cook County judge ordered a special prosecutor to investigate misconduct within state DA Kim Foxx’s prosecutor’s office.

Foxx dropped 16 felony charges against Jussie and asked a judge to seal all of the files in the case after speaking with Michelle Obama’s White House aide Tina Tchen.