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Kevin Hunter Jr. appeared at an arraignment hearing in a New Jersey courtroom where he plead not guilty to charges he assaulted his father, Kevin Hunter, during a brawl on May 21.

Kevin Jr., 18, was arrested after he punched Kevin Sr. during a fist fight outside a convenience store in West Orange, NJ.

According to a heavily redacted police report obtained by Page Six, the violence began when Kevin Jr. called his father a "bitch." The report goes on to mention Kevin Jr. hit his dad in the face "with a closed fist," which Kevin Sr. has denied.

Kevin Jr. wore a white button-down shirt and black slacks for his court appearance on Tuesday. The prosecutor asked for more time to review the case.

After the hearing, the prosecutor, Joseph Wenzel, told Page Six he would take into account Kevin Sr.'s desire not to press charges against his son.

"It does factor into my determination," he said, "but at the end of the day I have to make the call about what's in the nest interest of justice."

"We expect it will be resolved favorably," Kevin Jr.'s attorney told Page Six.

A source told Page Six that both Wendy Williams and Kevin Sr. were at the courthouse but they stayed outside the courtroom to avoid attention from the press.

Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin St. after he fathered a baby girl outside his marriage earlier this year.

Wendy, 54, has since moved on with 27-year-old Marc Tomblin.

  • BlockingTrollsAllYearLong

    All K Sr had to do was NOT show up. Case dismissed. Stupid.

  • Marlika

    Right!! He’s an idiot!!!

  • Readytochokemothernature

    I hate he's caught in the middle

  • JuneTEETH

    Not true. I was a victim in a crime and the DA put a “body attachment” on me which means they can arrest me if I didn’t come.

  • Guest

    He'll be alright.

    So Kim Kardashian said Jordyn Woods is only able to provide for her family because of what Kylie Jenner gave her. I can't stand none of them bitches. I am so glad Jordyn has moved on.

  • ShelbyMoore

    What a trash human being Kelvin is. Now his shatty behavior is fawking with his son's future.

  • Ghetto Real Name

    the violence began when Kevin Jr. called his father a "bitch."


    Listen. Im all for these kids staying in their lane and respecting their damn parents. I dont condone this crap AT ALL. But Imma make an exception. I think someone needed to tell Sr. about himself. Shit it happened to be his own son. I will allow it. THIS ONE TIME

  • BlockingTrollsAllYearLong

    Well, I know in some states - the state can pick up the charges, but if the victim doesn't show up to court.. case dismissed.

  • LexGirl

    RIGHT!!! Jr was tired of him doing his mama wrong! That has been built up for a LONG time! Sr should NOT have told him to make his own way & not depend on his mama! Jr said BITCH YOU STOP LIVING OFF MY MAMA!!! Damn, I wish there was video of it!!

  • bb1812

    The dad didn't want to press charges but since it's a domestic violence incident, the prosecution pressed charges anyway.

  • Allergic2dumbstuff

    I'm with you on this. In the words of Chris Rock, "I don't condone it, but I understand."

  • Marlika

    Jr is going to be just fine. The DA is going to end up dismissing the case. Wendy’s money in long ?????JR will do community service and the case will be dismissed.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Chile she still on da payroll ... that is apart of their agreement ...... folks please believe she still tied with dem hexanbeast ....... you will see ......... anyone associated with that Klan is on their payroll periodt .......

  • Mielle Downey

    The whole family owes their career to Ray J's peen so they should all bow down to him like Kim used to.

  • bb1812

    He was protecting his mama, like a good son would. The dad didn't wanna press charges; he should be okay--they'll prob make him take a class, or do something that they'll make money off of. To keep it off his record.

  • xxxgracious

    ??? thanks Judge Ghetto Real Name

  • Renee26


  • Renee26

    When Kelvin told him to stop leeching off his momma Kevin said B.A.N you the leech!! ?

  • Renee26

    Same thang I imagine ?

  • xxxgracious

    Anyone who keeps up with the media can obviously see this young man is caught in the crossfire of his two celebrity parents. I pray they drop the charges. Kevin Jr. I hope you see your father for who he truly is and keep your distance. I pray for healing in your life. Your a good son.

  • Renee26

    Right... We knew it was for ratings. I hope only 4 people tuned in to watch ?

  • BlockingTrollsAllYearLong

    Right. I checked the NJ Law. Edited to fir the situation "If the victim doesn't show up, and there is no evidence, no witnesses - No case. Dismissed. However, police can interview K Jr and take his statement. If he were to admit hitting K Sr the prosecutor wouldn't need K Sr. to convict." But, I doubt it would've even gone that far.

  • Ms..N

    So in other words saying she was their slave and they gave her freedom papers !!Smdh I swear when them hooked get cancalled will be a Happy Day!!

  • Jordan’s Memory

    I thought his dad said he wasn't going to press charges? Did the State decide to pick it up anyway? This is sad because this boy is going through enough already then to have a criminal record on top of that for assaulting ur lying cheating ass father is not a good.

  • Guest

    Probably. I wonder if Tristan still on there too. He is denying that he said he wanted to kill himself. He said Khloe twisted his words. smh. Anything for fame and money with these people.

  • Bree

    This is sad all around. I always ask the question, is it worth it? I thought that Kevin Sr. refused to press charges, but I guess that has nothing to do with state laws. I hope this family can come to terms with what is happening. Sometimes, we hold on to things that God is trying to break apart. Nothing is to harm us, but sometimes you've got to get out before it is too late. This situation could have ended badly and Kevin Jr. is lucky if all he was put in was a headlock. My uncle use to fight my grandfather and my grandfather use to beat the breaks off of him. He almost killed him on several occasions, but because of love, he did not. Sad to say, my uncle met his match and demise in 2007. I pray Kevin Jr. and Sr. can get pass this. Seems Kevin Sr. has done his job as a father. We never hear Wendy complaining about his parenting skills, nor have we heard anything from Kevin Jr. She even stated that Kevin Jr. was on his father's side at one point. Says a lot about Kevin Sr. not pressing charges. Temperatures run high but it is no excuse to disrespect your father. Jr. will pay for his mistakes. All are accountable in this case. Never turn a child against the other parent.

  • Ghetto Real Name

    THIS!! Right here

  • Christopher Gibson

    You ain't never lied.... a damn sex tape has made the whole family rich and they wanna talk about somebody else? FOH

  • Alextra Ballard

    I feel so sorry for Lil Kev...he is cawt smack dab in the middle Secondly,even though Big Kev did not press charges that doesn’t mean the courts won’t. Lastly, I hope all charges will be dropped.

  • KLove

    The state could care less if the victim wants to press charges or not...they will take that under advisement, but they can still prosecute if they like. Only way this gets dropped is if the victim refuses to testify/cooperate, then the state doesnt have much of a case

  • Soon2BWife

    He couldn't put on a tie and a pressed shirt????

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    Love it! Whipped that @$$ for free! Ha!

  • Karen Brady

    "Whoop that Trick Kevin, Whoop that Trick of a daddy of yours!"

  • Applebootay

    what's in the best interest of justice??????. Justice WAS ALREADY SERVED!

  • Alextra Ballard

    Lil Kev is a kutie

  • Applebootay

    LIES!!! That's the narrative they want to run....that girl was already living in the same Calabasas zipcode going to the same school as Kylie when they met....she was already modeling, etc...I'm sure it did boost her platform she has like 10 mil followers on IG and I'm sure she's paid well for IG....those heaux pretending like they adopted the girl from a damn african orphanage. I thought I heard she was even Will Smith's godchild....

  • Dowoop

    What family does she have to provide for? Her parents are not poor and she ain't got no kids or man to feed.

  • KcoolMuziq

    He walks like his mother...

  • Kim’s Original Face

    Free JR!

    I hope they drop these charges

  • Wreckognize Game

    It’s sad that this young man had to be involved in his parents’ business. If his dad would just accept what is due him and not ask for anything for his son then it probably wouldn’t have went this way. Kendu and Kelvin thought MJB and WW was gonna stay forever because they did so much. They got tired and wise and cut their losses. Y’all fools did not make these women.

  • ola57

    Calling him a batch and so what? He's a batch. Why will he do that to his mom and want to tell him to fine his own path.he is a kid..Why will you leave lobster for shrimp ? So what job the misstress has? You wait till that money run out. She will leave him.

  • Li-Wright

    The dad openly trotted his side piece around with the new baby....what did dad think the son would react? I'd be mad too.

  • den

    Exactly, all this boohoohooo over wendy n son is for nothing

  • Society has changed

    I hope he called him a “punk beyotch!!”

  • Ghost

    Yep...that sounds about right ???

  • Bashi22

    Handsome son



  • Alextra Ballard

    I think eventually they will

  • Leggs1018

    #thatpart! When is it EVER ok to show up to any judicial court looking like you just rolled out of bed?! Maybe I’m old fashioned, but a suit is never out of order when you’re trying to represent oneself in the face of the law. Perception is reality!

  • Karen Brady


  • Renee26

    Sure was... Kelvin was outta line

  • onelove

    He's very handsome....he needs to get him a girl friend now...go one with his life..spend his mom money! she has enough of it!

  • onelove

    I'm sure he did! he knew his dad was messing around! kids know's!! that relationship is Dead!!!

  • Trace da Ace


  • Logan Roberts

    That's right lil Kev protect your mom.

  • Parent

    Poor kid caught up in all this mess.

  • YellowSauce

    There aren't too many amicable divorces ... usually one person gets violated and then a divorce ensues and when children are involved they tend to pick a side or worse they play one parent against the other ... Kevin Jr KNOWS his father played his mother and doesn't respect him ... the calling the cops made it worse .......... I have ZERO communication for cop calling family members especially if you're my FATHER ......................