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Swedish authorities say two Afghan migrants who pursued A$AP Rocky and his entourage and assaulted his bodyguard are under investigation for molestation.

The Swedish Prosecutor's Office told Page Six the charges did not involve "sexual assault" of "inappropriate touching." And the aggressor is "not the artist but the men who allegedly followed them during the street fight."

The prosecutor said the 2 men are under investigation for violating "the peace of the victim in a sensible manner, for molestation.”

In Sweden, “molestation" is defined as a person who "physically attacks someone or exposes them to disruptive contacts or exposes someone to other ruthless actions."

Rocky, 30, and 2 members of his entourage were arrested on July 3 after they allegedly assaulted the 2 migrants. On July 2, Rocky posted video of the incident on social media. He complained that the 2 men followed him for 4 blocks and hit his bodyguard in the head with a pair of headphones.

"So a few drug addicts [who] are not my fans, we don't know these guys and we didn't want any trouble, they followed us for 4 blocks... Give me a break," he said.

He added, "We don't want to fight with you … We don't want to go to jail."

The ensuing brawl was captured on cell phone video obtained by TMZ. The gossip blog published an edited version of the video that showed the rapper as the aggressor.

Rocky, who was born Rakim Mayers, was reportedly moved to solitary confinement in Kronoberg prison.

In an online petition, Rocky's rep described the prison as "inhumane" without access to "life sustaining food as well as unsanitary conditions." But jail officials deny the allegations.

In a statement to Page Six, prison officials said the facility was recently renovated and the "remand prison is in good condition."

  • iWasteTime

    They should be in jail. Period

  • Bree

    I was going to ask about his bodyguards but I see that he was attacked. This is sad and if he isn't the aggressor, why not turn him loose?! Those junkies should be locked under the damn jail for stalking.

  • KarmaBackAround

    I said it before, ill say it again... these men pursued this guy, they were opportunist and Asap rocky does not deserve to be held behind bars for self defense, especially with the entire lead of events on camera! If yall mad bout the beat down, ok ban him from the country , but to hold him all this time is ridiculous!

  • Gowns. Beautiful Gowns

    TMZ huh?

  • Minx Mosaic

    I truly believe the TMZ establishment is racist and having a few blk ppl on payroll is just a cover-up. So if anyone ever accuse them of racist behavior, they can say, "We're not racist, we have blk ppl who work here too." ?

  • Trace da Ace

    maannn.....I have heard enough of this...yall have a good weekend...I'm out!

  • MoneyMillz


  • Ruth

    Oh well he doesn’t care about black issues so we don’t care

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Sandra please don't leave us in this all weekend. Please. I'll ghost post for you free of charge.

  • Jai

    I agree!

  • Not Today

    Ok, when's he getting released?

  • Chicagowise

    Have you read their comments section? It's full of racist remarks, but let me speak my truth about homosexuals and watch how quickly I get evicted!

  • Minx Mosaic

    OMG!!! YES!!! You are so right! They welcome racist comments with an open door policy.


    Not shocking ... Sweden letting everybody into their country.. wtf do they expect.

  • Lady” Youngblood

    I co-sign this, nothing but racist remarks

  • bb1812

    Still don't care--he still said what he said about Black issues.

  • E Ethel Ballys

    This website also has many anti white and anti Latin racist comments.

  • Minx Mosaic

    There's a difference between a racist comment versus a comment that defends your culture against culture vultures. Don't confuse the two.

  • SaltineCrackers

    LOL! Please don't give Sandy any ideas, she doesn't usually respond well to requests.

  • Chicagowise

    And TMZ likes it that way.

  • Chicagowise

    Absolutely! I used to go to the comments section and drag Harvey's fugly @$$ for filth! Then... they started banning me! Lmao

  • Lucky8

    I felt some sympathy coming through and then I read this, i am with you.

  • E Ethel Ballys

    Racism is racism period. Many times I have seen racism directed towards the way white women age, or Latins being dirty/violent.

  • Lucky8

    So these clowns get the opportunity to leave Afghanistan, and this is how the ingrates behaved? Folks!!!! the Arab community does not care about us blacks, they look down on us. Dont get it twisted because Rihanna is dating one, and Janet married one. They are with them because they are rich and pretty, but most of all rich. They dont like us, and that's real talk. They should deport the 2 Afghans for the molestation charges. These guys are bad, and they should be deported.

  • Lucky8

    These 2 clowns got such a great opportunity to leave their s*ithole country, and this is the thanks. They should be deported for the molestation charges.

  • Dahl

    Since I’m not a man, in A$AP’s tax bracket and don’t live in or near Calabasses, I simply can’t relate, so I don’t feel his issues affect me...

  • Let them eat cake

    calling latinos out for being culture vultures is not racist

  • Junkanoo

    Where did Rakim Mayer find his bodyguards at a Dollar Tree Store on sale. If that's the photo of the two weirdos who followed Rakim and them any bodyguard worth his
    pay should have been able to knock these punks out with a single punch. I don't know all the details nor do I really care but a big strappin bodyguard could have easily taken those two on. Rakim shouldn't have gotten involved the bodyguards are paid to protect him not vice versa

  • Blaque Mahogany

    I'm really trying to figure out what any of this has to do with me...

  • GrandHustleGirl1

    I said the same thing....the nerve of you going to any country as a refugee or migrated bc you needed resources...period....and then have the nerve to break the law of the country that housed you. And then not break it for a decent reason. The nerve. Couldve stayed in Afghanistan with its limited resources of THAT was the case.
    Off my soap box now.

  • 11pink123

    Beverly Hills Stand Up!!! ??? Yall hating evil witchie poo selves thought Asap was bout to rot in jail, kicked him when he was down and thought LA went to sleep on him. Wrong?? im not even his fan, and dont know 1 song but he dont deserve this, not based on that video.

  • Minx Mosaic


  • Minx Mosaic

    There's also a difference between racism and criticism... Sorry you're not comprehending?

  • Alextra Ballard

    I am still glad yew were able tew drag him like 95 going north b4 yew were banned

  • SandraRose

    Thanks hun, but I got you.

  • dontgetblocked

    As a rich, refined gentlemen from Calabasas, he knew his options before swinging. Remove himself from the situation or go negroid and get locked up. He's exactly where he belongs!

  • angrysolo

    I cannot relate, I have bills to pay and mouths to feed

  • angrysolo

    " at a Dollar Tree Store on sale" I JUST TINKLED

  • Chulita

    Migrants come from a very different culture. The ones from the Middle East. Different rules and lifestyles. I’ll leave it at that

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Thank you kindly. Romeo Miller is all I needed to see.

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    I've been blog love since 2006. Sandy know where my rose buds.

  • SaltineCrackers

    You know Sandy's write-ups be petty as hell sometimes lol. Thanks for the other posts @realsandrarose:disqus .

  • Harley

    Def not a fan of Rocky but he was defending himself point blank

  • Prince Zuko

    But Dem clowns aren't in jail?

  • Chulita


  • ??Dotty??

    I want Rocky out. From what I read and saw them two grown ass man were looking for Rocky to start shit, what Rocky did was self defense. Sweden got a LOT of fucking problems with their open borders do that dummy ass Merkel. I can guarantee that this was not the first time that these grown MEN went out harassing people looking for fights.

  • Evo

    Two vids , Rocky on one saying we don't want trouble leave us alone shows Asap crew walking the opposite way. Turning and walking away again and again.asking them to step off. Three Muslim females came up and told them stop. After the assualt on the bodyguard they still chilled.

    The female holding the phone taping it said they grabbed on her .. in the next vid after going around the corner up the street those clown muddaskunts came at them and got dealt with lightly.. I MADE A Call the other day "NO SHOWS IN SWEDEN "

    Fuk TMZ , racist cocksukkas... I asked them yrs ago shutdown your comments . For its pathetic racist hateful site.

  • HeaVen Sent

    I'm on the fence with this. Especially, when asap made of point of distancing himself in black support political issues. Now he is the political ISSUE..half of me is like oh yeah now you want help since they treating you like your color. But I can't see a brother get I'm like whatever ninja, hope it works out

  • PYT

    Not interested in his plight. His brothers and sis in Soho and Beverly Hills should cape for him.

  • Jussjess25

    Exactly pyt!

  • Jussjess25

    Whoo carrrresss let his ass stay right there ?

  • Lynette Collins

    I hear white people screaming all the time their daughter got a black child and such and that they can't be racist. I knew one white girl that love the black peen bit couldn't stand black women because she saw us as competition. #facts

  • PYT


  • Not Today

    But you don't see the trolls dog black woman out? What about black men? Js

  • Alextra Ballard

    Sew that clown still in jail...folks bedda hurrup and FEDEx that free Rocky petition

  • sabrina13

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  • Cliffpetty

    Could care less. Sure his girl white anyway

  • Cliffpetty


  • PYT

    Hell, ALL my free time is devoted to fortifying myself to fight for ADOS/Foundational Americans/Black Folks issues. I have no time for his simple azz. He better call the models, designers, and his neighbors not cape for his azz cause BLACK PEOPLE are done capeing for mofo that aren’t doing the same for us

  • PYT

    Of course they are racist which is why I don’t patron their site. I spend my time and attention w/my own people.

  • PYT


  • Reenaface

    We're not racist, we have blk ppl who work here too." ?

    * Like those two black simps that work for TMZ.* Dread man and the other one with the bald head who went back and forth with Kanye over his ' slavery' comments.

  • Reenaface

    I don't see how people can't understand this.

  • Carla B
  • Trey

    I dont care

  • PetiteButterScotch

    I don’t want to talk about no ASAP Rocky being locked up in Sweden..I live in New York. ?????

  • EasyBreezy

    I live in New York Atlanta!

  • onelove

    sandra....let's not talk about him anymore..PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU!!

  • Mimi_131

    Wouldn't want to interrupt his Karma....

  • SandraRose

    Remember you are not the only one who reads this blog. Others care about him. Not you or I, but others do.

  • SarinaGito

    fucking afghans.. cant trust those roaches.. middle eastern pigs get the fuck out of europe.. u dont fucking belong there...

  • SarinaGito

    but thats what this middle eastern socalled 'refugees' do ... smh ... they need to gt the fuck out of europe..

  • SarinaGito

    THANK YOU !!!! I been saying this but low and behold.. i get called racist for it.. the world is filled with sick people..

  • Jethro
  • Roderick2011

    Merkel is the chancellor of Germany.

    Also if the West would stay out of the Middle East there wouldn't be refugees

  • Di Petrofule

    Hell no. Those POS are full of demons, and have no business living in any freedom-loving nation