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The owner of a specialty shoe store in downtown Atlanta says the “Coming to America” sequel is hurting his business. Brett Friedman, owner of Friedman’s shoe store that caters to men with large feet, says street closures is hurting his business.

Friedman’s customers include NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who surprised a young fan by buying him 10 pairs of shoes after learning his mother couldn’t afford the boy’s large sneakers.

The mayor’s office approved the street closures for filming of Coming to America 2, starring Eddie Murphy, but Friedman says his customers don’t have access to his store.

“They closed our street. If I don’t have access to customers, I can’t stay in business,” he told Channel 2’s Lori Wilson.

According to Majic 107.5/97.5 host Ryan Cameron, Paramount Pictures offered Friedman $6,000 in compensation. But Friedman wanted $10,000. Then the film studio offered him a paltry $4,000.

In response, Friedman blasted rap music through large speakers set up outside his store to disrupt filming.

When Channel 2’s Wilson arrived at the store, the police were there talking to Friedman, reports.

Paramount production crews shut down the street in front of his store for a week, and Friedman says the filming is costing him thousands in lost sales.