Tinder’s most right-swiped man on earth is sharing his secrets to help you get more right-swipes on your profile.

More women (and men) swiped-right on model Stefan-Pierre Tomlin’s profile than any other profile on the world’s most popular dating app.

The 29-year-old, 6ft 2in British model says he originally thought it was a “big practical joke” when he was named Mr. Tinder.

The heterosexual model, who boasts over 170,000 followers on Instagram, is currently dating X Factor hopeful Natasha Boon, according to UK’s The Sun newspaper.

Stefan-Pierre shared his tips to help singles improve their profiles – such as logging into Tinder at 2 pm on Sundays and carefully choosing the right background for your profile picture.

“On a dating app, you have 0.5 seconds to decide whether you like someone enough before you go on their bio,” Stefan-Pierre told Fabulous Digital. “So it’s important to have a nice presentable photo as your profile picture which also stands out.”

By “stand out,” Stefan-Pierre means choosing a bright yellow background for your profile pic.

“You need to have a photo on a bright background – it pops for people as they’re swiping through,” he said, adding that blue will also work.

“People with blue in their photos – whether that’s graffiti or the ocean or bright blue skies – get more swipes than others.”

Stefan-Pierre also said vacation photos are attention-grabbing – as long as you’re in them.

“The best photos for swipes are the ones of girls on holiday. One where they look like they’re having fun. That would work better than all the others.”

Stefan-Pierre advises single women to limit photos from professional photo shoots. “Guys on there are looking for something different – so if you’re looking to stand out then you need to have pictures that aren’t too posed,” he said.

“It works well to show photos of you doing your interests instead of just partying with your mates. So if you like horse-riding, put that in there.

“Include some pictures where you look smart, beautiful or handsome and others where you look more casual.”

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Photos by Terry Scott / Barcroft Media via Getty Images, David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images