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A petition urging members of Equinox Fitness Centers to cancel their memberships is gaining momentum on The controversy began when Equinox parent owner Stephen Ross announced he was planning a $100K/plate fundraiser for President Donald Trump's re-election campaign.

Since Wednesday, Aug. 7, more than 3,000 people have signed the petition started by actor and LGBT activist Wilson Cruz, urging Equinox to end all support for President Trump and calling out the fitness chain for marketing heavily to the LGBTQ community while fundraising for for President Trump.

Cruz's petition is also drawing major support from other LGBT+ celebrities and their allies.

Members of Equinox Fitness Centers say they have either canceled their memberships or are planning to cancel because of the chain's links to Trump.

Ex-members expressed their disappointment with Ross for his political ties to Trump.

"I've been a member of Equinox for 12 years - and I will not stand behind a company with no moral compass," wrote Jessica Beatus, of New York, NY. 

"I canceled my membership, I will not be part of a club that supports a hate, bigotry and racism!" wrote Millie Vitello, of Los Angeles, CA.

Jeff Barneson, of New York, wrote: "I've supported this company for years and am disgusted by this news. I cannot stand behind a company that stands behind and supports platforms of hatred, racism and white supremacy."

And Court Passant, of New York, writes: "I have always thought of Equinox as a safe space. Where I could keep my mind and body healthy. This is terrible news. And I am appalled profits from me and my husband's membership (nearly $500 a month) would go to a campaign fundraiser.”

Cruz said Equinox can't spin its way out of this controversy, and needs to answer to its members or face the consequences of many members leaving the gym. 

"It's important that Equinox know why we're going to cancel our membership. This fundraiser and it's ties to Stephen Ross is a betrayal to our communities after masquerading as a corporate ally during Pride. You can't use us to make money and then use it to work against us," Cruz said.

Members who wish to cancel their memberships must call and speak with their gym managers.