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Richard Pryor’s son, who is openly ghey, has confirmed a bombshell report that stand up comedian Paul Mooney sexually assaulted him on his father’s movie set when he was a minor. The late comedian’s former bodyguard Rashon Khan made the allegations in an interview with Comedy Hype.

TMZ caught up with Richard Jr, and asked him to comment on the allegations.

“Whatever happened in my life, it happened when I was young. Way before the eighties,” said Richard Jr, now 58. When asked if he was in a consensual relationship, Richard Jr. said, “How could any relationship be consensual if I was a teenager?”

Pryor’s ex-wife Jennifer Lee also confirmed the report in a string of expletive-filled posts on

“RP Jr. is out as a gay man – he might want to shed light on this further and so should Rashon, since he is the one who tweeted original tweet,” she wrote in response to a follower’s questions.

Khan said Pryor was so angry when he found out Mooney assaulted his son, that he tried to hire a hitman for $1 million to kill Mooney, now 78. Pryor died in 2005 at age 65.

Mooney, through his rep, strenuously denied the allegations in a statement to TMZ.

Mooney was Pryor’s close friend and also a writer for Pryor’s stand up comedy and movie and TV projects. Mooney was a writer on The Richard Pryor Show, In Living Color, and Roseanne. He also appeared in a recurring role on Chappelle’s Show.

Mooney, who has four adult children by his first wife, has dated Stacie J and most recently, singer Chaka Khan.

Despite ghey rumors over the decades, Mooney has never come out as a homosexual.