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Friend of the blog, Sir Keith Holman reached out to to inform us that his close friend, original Supremes member Mary Wilson will compete on Dancing With the Stars this season! Keith sent photos of Mary's beautiful African inspired robe and his silk velvet shirt and African belt from the late designer Bill Whitten collection and Keith Holman Designs collection.

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Keith says Mary's coffee table book, "Supreme Glamour" is #1 in parts of Europe! Supreme Glamour hits bookstores in America next month but you can pre-order your copy now.

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Mary and Mark Bego wrote the book, and Keith was the curator and he designed the Supremes costumes listed in the design acknowledgments. He still does restorations and stabilization of the Supremes gowns.

Keith adds his thoughts and recollections about designing gowns for the iconic group in the book, which goes on sale everywhere on September 17.

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Sir Keith Holman writes:

Hi Sandra, It so exciting to have Mary Wilson's "Supreme Glamour" coffee table book #1 in parts of Europe it will be exciting to have it released here next month can be preordered! Also Having Mary Wilson as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars" is awesome we are all so excited!!!!!This image of Mary Wilson wearing this magnificent African inspired robe and myself wearing my silk velvet shirt and the African belt are both from the Late Designer Bill Whitten's and my collection. Stella Ruata beaded the robe which I restored with the help of Pasquale Fabrizio shoe maker and the late Ret Turner costume designer of Sonny and Cher Show, Diana Ross and Carol Burnett show. Such an exciting time and more yet to come!

  • Blaque Mahogany

    I hope she doesn't hurt herself. Those dancers are always injuring themselves on that show.

    SN: I'm waiting on it to rain so I can go outside and try the Normani split. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

  • Karen Brady

    Never watched this show and I won't now but go head Mary!

  • Miss Thang

    Good for her. Beautiful woman.

  • angrysolo

    woot! happy thursday!

  • JazzyBossyJen

    Lol don’t break a leg Mary! Jk Luv her

  • Renee26

    Keith looks like Smokey Robinson

  • KarmaBackAround

    Chiiii the way these folk been fightin n flippin cars ..nooo thaank you! Imma have to go Saturday when they first open n let the hype die down..they actually ran out of them at several popeyes here in VA

  • Yardgirl

    I started a whole thread below (Zoe Kravitz post) about this!! I tried it last night and it was goodT!! My suburban town which never have lines, had lines of people all wanting the sandwich lol.

  • Fire & Ice

    Not yet. Got to let this noise die down first ?

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    folks are going HAM for this sandwich. It makes me want to try it

  • Fire & Ice

    You must got good insurance ?

  • Carrington

    Since we ain't get no Open Post posses today, I'ma go in right here as I seek advice - mostly so y'all can tell me that I'm right - cause I am...

    My oldest friend since I moved to Texas and I had a huge debate yesterday. THAT's nothing new because we've always argued hard. All of our little group of friends do. We'll be arguing on FB and people will be thinking we're not going to be friends anymore, but we'll be on the PHONE while tearing each other up on the book and all of a sudden one of us will say, "Hold on..." and you hear clickin and clackin and then they'll come back and say, "Go read that! I just tore your ass UP!" and then you read and say, "Naw.. hold on!" but people don't even know that we're arguing and be on the phone with each other WHILE we're arguing online.

    The difference is that our arguments are on TOPIC and never get personal. That's why we will argue like a MF and then say, "I feel like Chick Fil A - let's go get something to eat!"

    So, this person has had the SAME FB profile pic for like 7 years in a row and it's not an actual picture, it's a caricature that some dude drew of her.

    While me, this friend and another friend were texting yesterday someone screen shot something from FB and I said, "Look at Glo and that shameful profile pic..." normally, this wouldn't be a thing, but for some reason YESTERDAY, it was so she asked, "What's wrong with it?" and I said, "It's shameful." (mostly referring to the fact that your entire FB page has maybe 2 pics of YOU, but you're on there every day for the past 8 or 9 years.

    Well, she comes back and says, "Well, that's a picture of me and my grandson and I feel like you're talking bad about my grandson!" This made me ENLARGE the pic so I came back and said, "First of all, that's stupid. Secondly, I didn't even know he was ON the pic - that's how long it's been there and how little I paid attention to it."

    She wouldn't let go of the fact that SHE felt I was talking about her grandson.... HOW? That's not even your grandson... that's not even YOU... THAT's not even a picture. It's a caricature that some dude draws at birthday parties and the ZOO. TF you talking about.

    This MF says, with VIGOR, "Anyone who sees that picture can tell that it's me and K!" (Wait... is she f*cking SERIOUS?) I side text our friend and ask HER if this fool is serious and she says, "Hell, I looked when she said it and didn't realize he was on there either."

    OK, we're going back and forth and she tells me that the picture looks JUST like her and anyone can see that! So, at this point I think she CAN'T be serious and say, "I would look at that picture and think that it's Loretta Devine and her son after he came home from Up With The People before I'd think that's you and K! TF you TALKING about?"

    WHY would I say your GRANDSON is shameful? That's a caricature - it's SUPPOSED to be an exaggerated depiction of the person for comedic purposes... that's not a portrait!! It's SUPPOSED to be made fun of, never mind the fact that I wasn't even making fun of the picture!

    She reiterates that I'm rude ASF for "talking about her grandson" on her picture. Ma'am of God, Olan MILLS does PICTURES, Sam's Club prints pictures, WALGREENS prints pictures - dudes that do caricatures create an exaggerated depiction of you flying over Manhattan with an S on your chest! TF you talking about... this ain't REAL!

    Long story short, she says, "F*CK YOU!!" real real hard (via text) and that, for me, changed the tone of the conversation - and our relationship. We have been friends for 19 years and I argue with my friends like anyone else and like I said, our relationships remain in tact because a difference of opinion is never PERSONAL. That's why I've had debates with people on this site and couldn't name a SINGLE one that I've had debates with because, once I finish cussin you out, I'm over it. Now, some of those folk may see my name and get high blood pressure, but it's all for nothing because the only people I log into my brain for CERTAIN are the racists. I couldn't care less who mad that I ain't mad at the Kardashians - I probably be commenting on their $hit and don't even remember we just cussed each other out yesterday. LOL

    Anyway... I checked out and had her funeral in my head because she is dead to me. They laid her away nice and the soloist was NICE. I didn't even know she could sing.

    Our mutual friend wants me to calm down and unblock this person on my phone, but I feel like she should've been saying on the message to me on the side - on the message that we were arguing on (although she says she called her and told her that she went way too far).

    I don't have a lot of "friend" friends and I feel like all of my relationships have to be respectful. Once we can't agree to disagree and you start saying, "f*ck" me! We don't have a mutual respect anymore.

    She said that to me once during an argument already and I made a mental note that the next time she says it, she's going to have to use the memories of our friendship as reference because I'm out - just like I told my used to be sister she'd have to do the same the next time she calls herself mad and stops speaking.

    Am I petty for disconnecting from disrespectful, dysfunctional relationships with such ease?

  • Yardgirl

    Nope you are not petty. Once you cross the line of disrespect with me, it's a line of no return. You are dead to me period. Been that way since birth and I'm not about to change this late in life. On my list right now is my brother's wife and my ex SIL.

  • Carrington

    Have a funeral in your head. It's therapeutic. I do it all the time.

  • Yardgirl

    I have a sign in my office that says I learn something new every day and this is one. I do the exercise about toxic people where I unplug the cord between me and them and now this funeral is the perfect finale. Thanks!!

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    God bless her

  • LoneWolf1986

    It ain't that serious. Perhaps your friend is going thru something and the picture isn't really what the argument is about (to her). After you've both had some time to cool off, reach back out. You've been friends for 19 years for a reason and if you're like me, you don't make new friends easily, freely or often. It's only normal to have fights with close friends or family members, yes cussing someone out is a bit much, but those are just cuss words.
    And for the record, I don't get why folks stay mad at the Kardashians either. It really ain't that serious.

  • LoneWolf1986

    I love Mary Wilson, she's still beautiful after all these years.

  • Carrington

    It's really not that serious - that's why I don't get the disrespect. I think when you get to THAT space with someone, there's definitely something more going on - but, of all people, I'm not the one to take that out on. I can take you being mad. We're always mad, but it doesn't last longer than 45 minutes... but I'm not going to be the one you get mad and keep saying, "f*ck you!" to because I just don't have that kind of relationship with my friends.

  • Chhzz

    Good job Mary! Good luck!

  • LoneWolf1986

    I think that it's important to always leave room for understanding and forgiveness, this isn't some bum on the street, this is a 20 year friend. Do you really believe that your FRIEND meant to disrespect you in some lasting harmful way? Or was she just expressing anger/hurt or something else from the conversation? Have you all ever disrespected each other in the past? Do she have a history of disrespecting you or others in your friend circle? My suggestion is to invite her out to get coffee at Starbucks or Chic-fil A to talk things thru. Is this one argument really worth ending a friendship over? Now imagine ending every friendship/relationship every time you got into an argument or disagreement? I wouldn't have any friends or family left to talk to (frfr).

  • LoneWolf1986

    Popeye use to make a sandwich years ago. I'm not sure how it's new again. but I'm definitely checking it out. I"ve always thought that Chick fil A was way overrated.

  • Carrington

    No, there really is no established history about disrespect with regard to me but there is a dismissive history whereas she thinks that she gets to say what she wants and everyone else is supposed to just accept it.

    There's only been one time, besides this, that it go to, "f*ck you!" and I said then that it will never happen again because I don't do that with my friends and I have an expectation that you won't do it with me.

    I know WHY she said it - because while we were all on the text and we were arguing, she called three times while I was responding ON the text, so I kept sending her to VM. For me, I was speaking my position via text because I know her - she was going to start yelling and screaming and over-talking me while I count to 10 and try to be a gentleman until I can't take it anymore and then, even if I let her speak, without interruption, for ten minutes... when I finally get a chance to get a word in it's like:

    Me: "That's not what I was saying... I wasn't even talking about the content of the pi-..."

    Her: "But MY point is... blah blah blah..."

    Me: "Again, you took what I was saying out of context, the poi-..."

    Her: "That's not even the issue, do you understand where I'm coming from?!?!"

    Me: "Look, are you going to let me say WTF I got to say because we can hang TF up now and you can sing at your desk if you want to hear your own voice... I listened to you for TEN minutes and I have been trying to complete the same sentence FIFTEEN times!"

    Her: "No, because I already know what you're going to say!"

    Me: (amused) "Tell ME wtf I was about to say..."
    Her: "You were going to say... (blah, wrong, blah, wrong)..."

    Me: "That's actually NOT what I was about to say - what I've TRIED to say for fifteen minutes now is -."

    Her: "You keep saying that but what I"M saying is..."

    Me: "Saying WHAT? I STILL ain't had a chance to say $hit!"

    She wanted to be able to overtalk and yell and control the conversation and what was pissing her off is that a text wouldn't allow her to do that because she would've had to read my FULL position.

  • Bree

    Good for Mary! Something about her reminds me of Kelly Rowland!

  • Chhzz

    I don't have a profile pic or if I do I distort it or never show my face. For me it's privacy as u have a very public position. I call it image control. Also you may randomly find your pic on some dating site as someone maybe catfishing.
    1. Hey if you made mental notes dur to this person disrespecting you before and if it continues sure have the funeral. But before closing the casket have you had an honest conversation with her about how her comments make you feel?
    2. Hate to see you lose your long friendship over a misunderstanding. Have you lovingly explained to her your view while hearing how she feels? If you two have never had an argument like this before have you lovingly addressed if she is going through something? Why her grandson is a sensitive topic?
    3. But hey sometimes you have to clear room for the next blessings.
    I'm a firm believer that if someone truly loves me they would never get truly out of pocket as there love for me should over power all b.s.

    I have a friend who has been wonderful and very supportive but refuses to watch his mouth sometimes. I have discussed how it makes me feel and how I value him. But honestly I will never sacrifice feeling valued and respected by someone I care about. Plus when we hang it's always self destructive stuff like partying and hanging out wasting money. I want to do new positive things. I feel guilty like I'm turning my back on my friend.

  • Carrington

    I won't even get on the grandson issue because that's a whole topic that I wouldn't want to put on the internet.

  • Chhzz

    It does put somethings in perspective. Respectfully [imagine we on the phone just chilling and this is a friendly debate] I would say you being messy. As you know there is a back story yet your public inquiry is one sided from your perspective. You do not want to put her on blast but you lowkey diss her saying you would in all caps NEVER let her keep your kids.......
    Ok I put the phone down to type..pick back up the phone. Go read it..........

  • Li-Wright

    Okay, I'm watching DWTS again just for Mary. I stopped watching and would get the Youtube clips when Patti and Gladys were on. I remember when DWTS first started, it was a fun show, esp. with the old timers. But now it's turned into a DIsney-fied mess. Every week there's a Disney theme. Sorry.

  • Prince Jarmajesty II

    She'll be voted off first episode. *insert my best Wendy Williams tea sip*

  • Tasha Nicole

    That wig is tragic!

  • Carrington

    Not because she's abusive or anything like that, because the answer is always, "I'm busy". That's what that conversation is about. It's actually in context because this is the same grandkid that she's suddenly acting like grandmammy of the year and cussing me out about as if I insulted him and, by proxy, her - when he never even came out of my mouth.

  • Carrington

    And I didn't say never LET you keep my kids, I said never ASK you to keep my kids.

  • Carrington

    I'm going to delete that line because, you may be right, it could come ACROSS as messy when it wasn't my intent. I was answering your question.

  • Sha

    She about 75 easy. Diana is in her 70's as well.

  • Parent

    I was always partial to Mary Wilson because I was her in my 5th grade musical of Motown hits.

  • LoneWolf1986

    Sometimes you need time and space with your friends, you shouldn't feel guilty about it, everyone has a right to grow.

  • LoneWolf1986

    My mother is the same way where she feels entitled to say what ever she wants to say to anybody, but no one else is entitled to do the same. We live 800 mile apart, so I've learned to hold my tongue and to limit my exposure at times. But needless to say, she doesn't have many close friends or relatives, outside of her own children.
    I really hope things work out with your friend and that things will get back to being friendly between the two of you all. Do you have a third friend who may be able to help mediate between you two?

  • Marty Robinson

    Chile, she’s always been relevant ... you, eh ????

  • Dreamer

    I love me some Mary Wilson. She’s so beautiful and seems so classy. I loved both her earlier books about The Supremes.

  • Dreamer

    Same lol! My thoughts exactly cause I love Mary Wilson.

  • Lady_Elle

    She has no reason to try to be relevant. She was a Supreme!
    I think they get $250k for starters doing this show.
    At her age... all she has to do is enjoy herself!

  • Lady_Elle

    I used to love the show... then I realized that Len is racist as hell!
    Blonde women score HIGH no matter!

    I love ballroom dancing... but I will pass on this!

    Typically very hard on people of color.

  • Lady_Elle

    Good Luck Mary!
    I stopped watching this show because of the old judge. I think he is biased!

  • MsChocCookie

    Dancing with the geriatrics

  • BlogZilla

    She is not trying to be relevant. But you are obviously a jealous bitter old queen

  • Harley

    Love this woman. She is so resilient. I grew up with her kids. It was awful when her youngest son passed away. We were all so young and it really put everyone in a different space. She went thru hell with her ex and Diana and I wish her nothing but our joy and happiness now

  • NeverSurprised

    Mary Wilson is a LEGEND, which means she will ALWAYS be "relevant."

  • Logan Roberts

    If Wendy Williams can do it so can Mary.