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A father and daughter have been charged with felony kidnap and rape after a 40-year-old Las Vegas woman was left for dead in the California desert.

Stanley Alfred Lawton, 54, and Shaniya Nicole Poche-Lawton, 22, were arrested after military personnel found the women off a highway near Edwards Air Force Base north of Los Angeles early Wednesday.

Father and daughter reportedly held the woman captive for a week. She was cold and suffering from exposure to the elements. The woman was kidnapped on Oct. 30.

They face charges of kidnapping to commit robbery, attempted murder, kidnapping from outside the state, forcible rape and 3 counts of first-degree ATM robbery.

Both have felony convictions in California according to KTNV. Lawton, who has multiple children, has been in court for failure to pay child support.

“He’s got a lot of kids. He’s got a lot of family. He’s got a lot of friends that would never expect this from him,” said neighbor John Henderson.

Lawton and his daughter are scheduled to appear in a California court to answer to the felony charges on Nov. 12.

Stanley Lawton’s bail is set at $4.5 million.