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Widespread looting and property destruction spread across America over the weekend after an unarmed Black man was killed in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25.

Black youth who legitimately protested the death of George Floyd by former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin paused and noticed that white people dressed in black and carrying spray paint and incendiary devices were doing most of the property damage and arson.

Members of anti-fascist group ANTIFA destroyed property, set fires and sprayed graffiti in black neighborhoods — all under the pretense of protesting Floyd’s death.

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Peaceful protests erupted into rioting, arson and looting, but the unrest was driven by ANTIFA, which the Department of Justice designated as a terrorist group over the weekend.

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ANTIFA is well-organized and well-funded by globalist George Soros to cause chaos and to disrupt the American way of life.

Courageous Black youth took it upon themselves to stop ANTIFA members and their allies from destroying property and looting in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Only a few news media outlets blamed the destruction and fires on the terrorist group. Other mainstream outlets pretended not to notice the looters and fire starters were majority white.

One news anchor even identified a white woman carrying an armful of clothing as an “employee” of a clothing store rather than what she was — a thief.

When all is said and done, the violent protests, looting and property damage will be blamed on Black Lives Matter in the coming months. That’s why it’s important to point out the real culprits — ANTIFA and property owners destroying their own sh*t.

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Look at her posture you can tell Karen doesn’t give a damn about Black People! ? WHY NOT SPRAY PAINT HER GROUPS NAME? ? I warned you guys about A/N/T/I/F/A when the B-L-M was protesting. Many of our people admired how violent and organized this group is and thought these people were our allies because they are anti-government ans at the time they were preaching anti-TRMP rhetoric. So they figured “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – I warned folks. … ?? THEY COME TO DESTROY. I’ve seen them break windows & burn buildings and constantly spray paint B-L-M on everything. They ONLY show up when there’s a protest – you never hear from them other than that. They don’t support the Black community at all. You haven’t seen or heard from them since the B-L-M PROTEST until now. … ?? They are WELL FUNDED and IMMEDIATELY DEPLOYED to protest. I can’t provide proof but from my research they are funded by billionaire George S. – if you know you know. DON’T TYPE the name. … ???????????????? And even the media is finally catching on and calling it out. Video credit @rockhill_e

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