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Last week it was announced that this season of CW's Black Lightning would be the last.

The show's star China McClain announced she found out she was already leaving the show.

In a long, rambling video on Instagram, she said, "There's something I want to tell you. For those of you who haven't heard... This season that we're filming of Black Lightning now is gonna be the last season."

McClain tearfully said she already found out she was leaving the show, but she declined to say why for personal reasons.

"I only agreed to do a certain number of episodes. I'm not in the whole season."

Her revelation came as news to fans of the show because she is a main character who appeared in every episode in the past 3 seasons.

"There's only one truth and I'm going to live in that truth until I die," she said in a cryptic message.

She said she wasn't built for the entertainment industry and her steps will be ordered by God.