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Jackson County Detention Center

Rappers DaBaby and 42 Dugg have offered to pay bail money for a Missouri woman after she fatally shot a man who allegedly killed her 16-year-old brother.

Tityana Coppage, 21, was arrested after shooting 36-year-old Keith Lars multiple times in a Kansas City parking lot on January 13.

Her brother, Jayson Ugwuh Jr. was shot and killed as he walked home with two friends on January 10.

The family believes Lars killed him, but he was never charged with Jayson’s murder.

Coppage, who is charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action, is being held on $200,000 bail at the Jackson County Detention Center. The rappers will have to pay 10% of the bail — $20,000 — to free her.

Detroit rapper 42 Dugg wrote on Instagram: “I got 20 thousand if they can get her out on ten percent tell her people get with me.”

DaBaby shared Dugg’s post, saying he will match the money Dugg pays for the bond.

Coppage’s story went viral on Wednesday, with many social media users offering their support and sympathy.

Coppage told police she accidentally shot Lars when he stepped in the way as she was shooting at the occupant(s) of a black SUV in a parking lot.

But police found text messages on her phone that conflicts with her story.

Coppage requested more .45 caliber bullets in a text sent to someone she referred to as “Auntie”: “Lol I used to many on bro [sic].”

A text was also sent to her dead brother’s cell phone: “sent a Ni**a to my brother I owe em that body [sic].”