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There is a new twist in the saga of Kirk Franklin and his 33-year-old estranged son, Kerrion.

Over the past few weeks Kerrion has accused the gospel singer of mental and physical abuse.

Franklin apologized after video footage was uploaded to the internet by his son who recorded a heated phone exchange between himself and his father.

In the clip, Franklin, 51, is heard cursing out his 33-year-old estranged son, calling him a “b***h a**” and telling him, “I will put my foot in your a**.”

The Grammy Award-winning gospel singer also told his son his mother should have swallowed him.

Kerrion fell out with his father years ago, calling his dad “sneaky” and saying his father threatened to kill him.

But in a shocking new revelation Kerrion has accused his father of molesting him.

via — In a video obtained by YouTube vlogger Armond Wiggons, Kerrion is heard arguing with several people and when Kirk Franklin’s music is played Kerrion says, “Thanks for playing my molester’s music.” He also appears to tell a homosexual man that he no longer has to be nice to him because he already slept with him.