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A Utah woman died from multiple organ failure four days after receiving the 2nd dose of a coronavirus mRNA vaccine.

Kassidi Kurill, 39, received her second shot on Feb. 1, then fell ill almost immediately afterwards.

Kurill, who worked as a surgical tech, had no known health problems prior to her death.

Her father, Alfred Hawley, told KUTV that his daughter "was absolutely fine with getting [the shot]. In fact, she told all of us, 'it's fine, you guys should all get it.'"

But after receiving the second dose, Kurill "got sick right away, soreness at the shot location, then started complaining that she was drinking lots of fluids but couldn't pee and then felt a little better the next day."

Hawley said he woke up Thursday morning to Kurill saying she needed help.

"She came in early and said her heart was racing and she felt like she [needed] to get to the emergency room," Hawley said.

Doctors later told Kurill's family that she was in liver and kidney failure.

"It was a total shock, and I was even afraid to tell my wife," Hawley said.

Kurill was rushed to a trauma center, where doctors determined she needed a liver transplant. But it was too late, as her heart, liver, and kidney shut down.

She died 30 hours later -- before most of her family could say their goodbyes.

Doctors believe she suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine.

In unrelated news, Denmark and other Northern European countries have halted the use of AstraZeneca-Oxford coronavirus mRNA vaccine after reports of deaths caused by pulmonary blood clots in people who received the shots.

Similar deaths have been reported in Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, and Italy.

Reuters reports that Austria has also suspended the use of AstraZeneca injections during an investigation into a death attributed to coagulation disorders.

Photo may have been deleted