Photo may have been deleted


Mystery surrounds a Green Bay music teacher who died from "natural causes" at age 40, according to her obituary.

Sara Holub, a high school choir director, competed twice on "Jeopardy!" and she was named 2021 Teacher of Distinction.

She won $10,000 for making it to Jeopardy!'s semifinals, as well as a $2,500 grant for her classroom. She used the grant money to buy microphones for her students.

According to her obituary, Holub died from "natural causes." No other information was given -- such as a preexisting medical condition or a terminal illness.

The term "natural causes" usually denotes a patient who is expected to die. Someone who dies from natural causes does not require an autopsy.

However, friends say Holub was in good health before she died.

Holub's obituary does not mention that she received a dose of experimental mRNA injection four days before she died.

News articles that reported her death also do not mention that she received an mRNA injection just days before she passed.

Facebook removed a post that featured a photo showing Holub holding an "I was vaccinated" sticker on March 22.

She seemed relieved to receive the injection. Holub captioned the photo: "It's been a ridiculous year, but better days are coming!"

The post shows she received the injection at Prevea Health in Wisconsin. It isn't clear if she received the Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson injections.