Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

British Airways confirmed four fully vaccinated pilots died within a month after receiving the Covid-19 spike protein gene therapy injections.

However, British Airways claims the experimental injections had nothing to do with their untimely deaths.

According to Facebook posts, the four pilots were in their 40s and 50s and in good health.

An audio recording of a male who spoke to a “friend who’s a BA pilot” explains “things are getting crazy” after three fellow pilots passed away.

The man stated BA pilots are fearful after receiving the shots.

The audio recordings have been marked as “false” on Instagram.com (listen here).

Someone tweeted an image that showed four framed photos of the pilots and condolence books on a desk. The photos and condolence books have been confirmed by British Airways as authentic.

“The spokesperson, however, confirmed the authenticity of the four condolence books, as four company pilots had recently passed away. ‘Our thoughts are with their family and friends,’ they said, adding that none of the deaths was linked to vaccines.” (Reuters)

Reuters news agency published a statement from British Airways denying reports that the airline is in “crisis talks” with the British government after forcing all of its pilots to take the injections.

(See the statement here)

Health organizations, such as the CDC, labeled gunshot wounds and car accidents as Covid-related last year, However, they vigorously deny any deaths related to the mRNA vaccines.