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Jason Bryan Maurer passed away unexpectedly six days after receiving his second Covid-19 mRNA injection.

The 45-year-old barber received his first dose on April 2. He took to Facebook the same day to announce he expected side effects from the spike protein injection.

Photo may have been deleted

“After having COVID-19 I know my T-Cells need help. Dr. Fauci says yes the first shot is rough,” he wrote.

Maurer, who was reportedly HIV-positive and tested positive for Covid-19, was praised by his followers.

One Facebook follower wrote: “girl u gonna get sick as hell for a couple of days, we all did.”

Photo may have been deleted

On May 3, Maurer wrote:

“You don’t want to get the Covid vaccine because it was done in less than a year? Wow we have lost so many people in the AIDS pandemic and we still don’t have a vaccine for that. We do have PREP, but no real vaccine. Shut the hell up and get your Covid vaccine!”

Photo may have been deleted

Later, Maurer registered for the Ohio “Vax-A-Million” lottery that gives Ohio vaccine recipients a chance to win a million dollars.

He took to Facebook on May 18, writing, “I am registered for the lottery!!!!”

One of his final Facebook posts mocked Christians and featured a Bible verse with a man waving a rainbow colored flag.

Maurer passed away on June 5.

Photo may have been deleted