Photo may have been deleted

Simon Goubadia is not playing with his estranged wife Falynn Guobadia who announced she is filming a tell-all interview and dropping tea about Simon’s infidelities.

Simon, a millionaire businessman, is best known for his surprise engagement to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams.

Last night Falynn posted a cease and desist letter she received from Simon’s attorney vowing to sue her if the interview airs.

Photo may have been deleted

The ex-couple is pictured during happier times in an undated photo.

Simon threatened to take legal action after Falynn accused him of cheating on her repeatedly.

“Simon doesn’t get caught unless he wants to be caught,” she said in an IG video. “I meant what I said when I took my vows — it hurts, it hurts like hell,” she said through tears.

Simon was livid. He retained a “famed defamation attorney to respond to Falynn’s latest round of falsehood.”

His attorney fired off a letter to Falynn demanding that she release a public statement retracting her remarks about Simon.

Her statement was to include the following words:

“I recently made a statement that ‘Simon only gets caught when he wants to get caught’ that was widely reported. To be clear, I do not believe that Simon was ever unfaithful to me during the course of our marriage …”

Photo may have been deleted

Falynn has no choice but to comply with his request. Her prenup left her with enough cash to support her three children for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, Simon, 56, is loaded and has the finances to seize what little assets she managed to take with her when she was evicted from their marital mansion.

Falynn, 31, responded to Simon’s threats by hinting she canceled her tell-all interview.

She wrote in a post on Instagram:

“They tried to damage your reputation. You saved theirs by not telling your side of the story.”

Photo may have been deleted