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Kanye West wasn’t happy that his first Donda listening party, held at his temporary home in Atlanta, wasn’t completely sold out.

Despite reports that the Mercedes-Benz Stadium was sold out for his first event — the upper decks were empty, and Kanye noticed.

So he’s hosting another album release party for his upcoming Donda album at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where he’s been living and working on the album since July 22.

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Kanye’s bedroom at the stadium is not much larger than a college dorm room or a jail cell at the nearby Fulton County lockup in downtown Atlanta.

The spartan living quarters includes a twin bed with a white comforter, a wall-mounted television, an open locker containing a few outfits, a suitcase, a small storage locker that doubles as a nightstand, and a digital clock on the cinder block wall.

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The 44-year-old mogul is still brainstorming on how to make the listening event unique to fill new seats in the upper decks.
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Sources in Kanye’s camp tell TMZ, Yeezy and his production team locked down Aug. 5 as the date for another Donda album release on the eve of the album drop on Aug. 6.

Kanye pays an exorbitant $1 million per day to live in a space in the locker room with access to a shower and toilet stall.

The $1 million per day goes toward paying the salaries for 100 stadium employees who are at Kanye’s beck and call while he’s living there. Those same employees will work his upcoming Donda album release party.

Kanye’s first listening party broke the Apple Music Global Livestream record with 3.3 million viewers.

Unfortunately, many of them didn’t like what they heard.

Fans peppered their reviews with descriptive language such as “trash” and “ass.”

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TMZ sources say CAA and Live Nation are putting pressure on Ye and his production company to make the second Donda event different.

They fear it won’t be easy to sell tickets in Atlanta if the event is a carbon copy of the first.

Remember, Kanye gave away 5,000 tickets to white college students, but the place still wasn’t packed to the rafters.

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It’s unclear what Kanye plans to do the second time around. He could go with a new stage or have a choir and perform the songs live with his celebrity pals like Jay Z.

WSB Radio hosts are donating their private suites at the stadium as part of the 21st annual 95.5 WSB Care-a-Thon going on right now.

You and your friends can use the fully stocked suite for Kanye’s listening event. Learn more at Or call 1-888-750-2772.