Photo may have been deleted

The same ad agency that brought you the remix to rapper Juvenile‘s “Back That Thang Up” are planning to remix Bob Marley‘s classic “We’re Jammin'”.

Tiktok users were so excited at the news that they made a video to celebrate the upcoming remix.
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The agency behind the poorly received “Vax That Thang Up” will soon release “We’re Jabbin'” in hopes of inspiring more people to get vaxxed.

Photo may have been deleted

According to the leak, the “Jabbin'” lyrics goes like this:

    “We’re jabbin’
    Hope you are jabbin’ too
    We’re jabbin’ and jabbin’ and jabbin’ and jabbin’
    Hope you are jabbin’ too!”

It isn’t clear who will sing the new “Jabbin'” vaccine campaign remix, but sources say it won’t be Lauryn Hill, the legendary singer who was previously married to one of Bob Marley’s pickney.

The news comes as Rastafarians in Jamaica are battling the government to keep the mRNA vaccines out of the Caribbean nation.

Twitter users reacted to the plan to rework “Jammin'” into a vaccine campaign similar to Juvenile and Mannie’s disastrous effort.