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Six members of the same church in Florida died within 10 days after testing positive for Covid-19, the pastor says.

Rev. George Davis of the Impact Church in Jacksonville said the deaths of his members have “ripped out hearts apart.

Davis held a Covid-19 vaccination clinic at his church on Sunday.

“We’ve had now six members of our church over the course of a couple weeks now that have passed away from Covid,” Davis said in a livestream. “It has just absolutely ripped our hearts apart.”

He said none of the victims were vaccinated, and four were “healthy” and under the age of 35.

“All I know is my heart’s passion is to help people that I’m called to serve, and do whatever I can to help see to it that they are in a healthier place,” he told NBC affiliate WFLA of Tampa.

About 49.6 percent of Florida’s population has been fully vaccinated, according to NBC’s vaccination tracker.

Covid-19 mainly affects the elderly, obese, people who smoke, and people with underlying medical conditions such as cardiac and respiratory problems, and diabetes.
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Studies have shown people with pre-existing or undiagnosed medical conditions are likely to have increased ACE2 enzymes, which the coronavirus uses to enter human cells.