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Wendy Williams‘ brother says his sister is stable, improving, and hanging in there during her stay at a hospital where she is reportedly “fighting” Covid-19.

As reported last week, the 57-year-old host was voluntarily admitted to a hospital in New York on Wednesday for a psychiatric evaluation after police responded to a 911 call about a “non-violent” 57-year-old woman behaving erratically.

However, insiders say Wendy was actually hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19. A source tells that Wendy can’t have visitors due to her diagnosis.


According to Wendy’s brother, Tommy Williams, she is “fighting” to get well and resume her hosting duties on The Wendy Williams Show season premiere in October.

“I really do believe and have the faith that Wendy’s going to make it… We’ve been hit just like other families. You know it’s not easy [but] you got to dig yourself out, you got to hold on to the memories and we have some good ones.

“She’s doing well. Stable. I’ve spoken with her, and we’re hanging in there. She’s hanging in there. We’re praying. She’s fighting.”

However, another source close to Wendy Williams said the fully vaccinated host is “asymptomatic and not showing any signs of COVID-19.” The source added that Wendy’s mental health “continues to improve each day.”

The Wendy Williams Show season premiere has been pushed back to October 4.