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Photo may have been deleted

Instagram/Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant shared a Halloween photo of the Brooklyn Nets training staff posing with superstar James Harden.

The Nets are among the NBA franchises replacing their male training staff with all women because studies show the players' injuries improve much faster.

Athletic trainers require at least a bachelor's degree in sports medicine, which means the ladies have above average intelligence -- which men appreciate.

What the players don't appreciate is their wives and girlfriends dropping by the training facility more often to check on them.

Photo may have been deleted

Instagram/Kevin Durant

Durant posted the image of the training staff dressed as Harden on his Instagram stories on Sunday.

Harden's offensive struggles improved on Sunday. He tied NBA legend Larry Bird with his 59th career triple-double as the Nets routed the Detroit Pistons 117-91.

After the game, Harden said he is "confident" in his rhythm again. Harden has struggled offensively due to NBA rules changes this season which affected his game.

A new NBA foul rule prevents players like Harden from forcing foul calls by doing "unnatural shooting motions" such as hooking another player's arm in the act of shooting.

Harden's offensive numbers are way down since last season and he's not getting to the foul line as often as he used to.