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Jussie Smollett took the stand in his own defense in a last-ditch effort to avoid going to prison.

Smollett raised a defiant fist as he arrived at the Cook County courthouse with his mother, Janet Smollett, on Monday, Dec. 6.

Despite his display of defiance sources say the “Empire” actor fears he will be convicted.

He is charged with six counts of felony disorderly conduct for lying to police about an alleged hate crime in Chicago in 2019.

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The disgraced actor fears he will lose the case after one of his attorneys accused the judge of lunging at her last week.

Tamara Walker, Esq. accused Judge James Linn of moving aggressively toward her during a sidebar when she asked him to declare a mistrial.

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Judge Linn denied lunging at the curvaceous attorney and declined her request for a mistrial.

Smollett, 39, testified on Monday that he went to bathhouses, took drugs and had sex with one of his co-conspirators, Abel Osundairo.

Smollett told the jury that he and Abel Osundairo went to a gay bathhouse again and “there was some touching.” He mentioned that there was gay pornography on the walls.

“We went alone, we got a private room again. We made out a little bit and this time we masturbated together.”

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Smollett said he and Abel (left) went to the bathhouse after leaving a strip club with Abel’s brother, Olabinjio Osundairo. Smollett was in a steady relationship with another man at the time.

A bathhouse is a place where gay men go for amenities such as massages and facials, and to have intimate relations with strangers in a wet environment.

Smollett made the admission because Abel testified last week that he and Smollett never had intimate relations.


Smollett said he took drugs with Abel because he felt pressured by “Empire” creator Lee Daniels (right).

He said Daniels told him that he was for gay Black men what Phylicia Rashad was for Black women on The Cosby Show.

The pressure made him turn to drugs, which Abel supplied him with, according to Smollett. He said he paid Abel $200 for drugs.

The actor said he was “creeped out by Abel’s muscle-bound brother, Ola Osundairo, who Walker said was homophobic.