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Rapper Joey BADA$$ (left) returned to Twitter after a long hiatus to spark controversy with his first tweet.

Joey weighed in on Tristan Thompson‘s paternity drama after the 30-year-old NBA star confessed to fathering a child with a fitness trainer.

The baby boy, who was born in Dec. 1, is Tristan’s 3rd child by three women (that we know of).
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Joey, who last tweeted on Nov. 13, called Tristan a gyalis — a Jamaican patois term for a player or a man who enjoys more than one female partner at a time.

Joey tweeted:

“Tristian Thompson gotta stop being a sorry ass n***a. Tell Khloe you’re a f****** gyalist and you need more than one woman. Straight up. Whats so hard about being honest with our women fellas? F*** this western bulls**t. Relationships should be expansive and beneficial for all [sic].”

Photo may have been deleted

Joey followed up his tweet by explaining that men should be honest with women about their true nature.

“Most of us have been in polyamorous relationships our whole lives. The only difference is we weren’t honest about it. But if you’ve ever been sexually involved with someone non-exclusively, guess what, you’re polyamorous.”

Joey is right: men are naturally polygamous. It’s in the Bible that men should be fruitful and multiply. But that doesn’t fly in today’s female-dominated society.

Joey’s female followers were mostly in disagreement.

“Jessica” wrote:

“Loud and WRONG! Polyamory – means many loves. You’re not in a polyamorus relationship if you are not honest you’re simply a cheater.

You’re only in a polyamorus relationship if all partners are consenting and intentional in the relationships.”