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Brownsville police can’t confirm Tisha Campbell’s story that she was nearly snatched off a Texas street by human traffickers.

The 53-year-old actress trended on social media after she recounted her experience of nearly falling victim to human traffickers.

Tisha took to her Instagram account, telling followers “Don’t freak out but I think I almost got snatched up.”

Coincidentally, she was filming an independent movie about human trafficking in Brownsville when the incident allegedly occurred.

The actress said she needed a ride but there were no Ubers or Lyfts. So a man in her hotel gave her a number to a taxi service.

After calling for a ride, she claimed two men pulled up in what she described as “a sketchy van” and demanded that she get in.

After she refused, she went back to the front desk but the man was gone. She said a woman told her that the phone number wasn’t the one they normally give to guests for the taxi company.

Tisha concluded she was “set up”. But rather than call the police to report her suspicions, Tisha sent her brother a video.

She captioned the post:

“This was a video I sent to my brother right after it happened but I felt it important for ppl to be aware. I need for EVERYONE to be overly conscious of themselves and their loved ones…”

After viewing the video on social media, the Brownsville Police Department conducted a thorough investigation into Tisha’s allegations.

Yellow Mamba / BACKGRID

Police conducted interviews with hotel staff, reviewed security camera footage, and ultimately concluded that Tisha was never a guest in any of Brownsville’s hotels.

Furthermore, police say the department “takes human trafficking and incidents such as the one Ms. Campbell reported seriously and welcomes her to reach out to us to investigate the matter further.”

So far, police have not heard from Tisha.

Tisha’s story is reminiscent of the one told by disgraced actor Jussie Smollett. Smollett was found guilty in December of lying to Chicago police about a federal hate crime. His sentencing hearing is set for March 10.