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The Atlanta premiere of Lifetime’s thriller “Single Black Female” was held at IPIC Theater over the weekend.

Single Black Female stars Raven Goodwin, Amber Riley, K. Michelle and Kevin Savage.

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Courtesy Tami Reed

Friend of the blog Tami Reed (left), of, posed with Raven at the Atlanta premiere. Tami was invited to interview the celebs on the red carpet.

Single Black Female was inspired by the 1992 thriller Single White Female starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh as the roommate from hell.

Photo may have been deleted

In the updated version of SWF, written by Cleveland’s own Sa’Rah Jones, Monica (Raven Goodwin) is reeling from the death of her beloved father and a difficult breakup. She is ready to move on with her life as she auditions for a new job as host of an afternoon talk show.

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When Monica hires a new assistant, Simone (Amber Riley), the two quickly become close friends. Simone moves in next door and completely immerses herself in Monica’s life. But underneath her sweet exterior, Simone harbors a dark secret. As time goes on, cracks in Simone’s façade begin to appear. Monica decides to sever ties once and for all with Simone, but Simone has other plans and is determined to take over Monica’s life for good.

Single Black Female premieres Saturday, February 5 at 8p/7c on Lifetime.

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