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New Orleans PD

Four juveniles have been arrested in the horrific carjacking death of a 73-year-old woman, according to New Orleans police.

The teenagers have been charged in the murder of Linda Frickey, according to

Police released surveillance video of the four teens which led to their arrests.

Police say the parents of a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year-old male turned them in on Monday night. A tip led police to a 16-year-old female on Monday. Another 15-year-old female turned herself in on Tuesday morning.

“Within an hour of the video being released, we had parents at the police station,” NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said during a press conference on Tuesday. “It was an incredibly difficult decision for them.”

Ferguson said all four will face second-degree murder charges. He will ask the prosecutor to charge them as adults.

“They need to be in jail. When you commit a crime like this, you need to be locked up,” he said.

The tragic incident unfolded around 1:30 p.m. on Monday in New Orleans’ Mid-City neighborhood. Frickey was leaving her job when the four teens approached and jumped in her SUV.

The male teen kicked Frickey out of the SUV but her arm was caught in the seatbelt. The teenager slammed the car door on the seatbelt and drove off, dragging Frickey down the block.

Witnesses screamed at the suspects to stop and they did stop momentarily before speeding off again.

Frickey was finally freed from the seatbelt when her arm separated from her body.

One neighbor in the area, Leanne Mascar, ran inside her home to grab a sheet to cover Frickey.

“She was laying there naked, and I thought the indignity she just suffered it was already too much,” Mascar told Fox 8.

Paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later and pronounced Frickey dead at the scene.

Police found her SUV abandoned about 15 blocks away. Authorities said all four teenagers have criminal records. The suspects’ names have not been released.