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Keke Wyatt revealed that her unborn baby has the genetic disorder Trisomy 13, bckonline reported.

The mother-of 11, who just turned 40 on March 10, announced she was pregnant with her 11th child last month.
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She revealed her unborn baby was diagnosed with the genetic defect Trisomy 13 during an emotional performance at the City Winery on March 13, 2022.

She sang, “When the doctors told me that my son Rajjah had Leukemia cancer …I said Hallelujah. And recently I found out the doctor say my baby has Trisomy 13… Hallelujah.”

In an Instagram post, Keke wrote: “It’s so much going on in the world. We have to trust God Shuga’s… [prayer hand emojis].”

Children with Trisomy 13 have an extra 13th chromosome which causes severe intellectual disabilities. They usually have mobility and physical abnormalities, congenital heart defects, missing fingers or toes, cleft lip, and brain or spinal cord abnormalities.

Pregnant women over 35 and their unborn babies are at high risk for health disorders, birth defects and genetic disorders.

Female humans are born with 1 million to 2 million eggs in their ovaries. No new eggs are formed in a woman’s lifetime. Children born from old eggs typically grow up to have visual problems, learning disabilities and other defects.

Doctors urge young women to freeze their eggs if they plan to delay pregnancy until they are in their 30s.