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Remy Ma explained why she prefers male Uber drivers in a discussion about sexism across all industries.

In an interview with Ebro in the Morning, the 41-year-old rapper said she believes in traditional male/female roles.

While Remy praised independent working women, she also admitted there are things men do better than women.

“Unfortunately, whatever field you’re in – if you’re a woman – your gender is probably gonna be placed before your occupation,” she said.

She also admitted she never chooses a female Uber driver because she believes women can’t drive better than men.

“Female Uber drivers. I tell people all the time: that’s, like, my biggest thing, if I see it I’m declining it,” she said. “Because I don’t want a woman driver, period. Because most women can’t drive, I’m sorry.”

However, Remy was quick to say she trusts her own driving.

“I drive amazingly, I’m Nascar fast car,” she said.

“But, for the most part, one time I got into the car [with a women driver] and I was peeling the skin off my eyelids. She was stopping at yellow lights… I’m telling you I know it’s a problem because I do it in certain instances, and I am a whole woman that is all for female empowerment, but I don’t want a woman driver.”

Watch the video below: