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Sean Combs reportedly beefed up his security after Freddy P from "Making the Band" said he has thoughts of killing Combs and himself.

In a video posted online, Freddy P, who competed with other aspiring artists to earn a spot in Combs' Da Band in 2002, said Combs ruined his life after breaking up Da Band.

Combs' Making the Band series spawned musical acts O-Town, Da Band, Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang.

Day26 member Willie Taylor was first to complain about Combs, saying his contracts were "set up for the failure of hungry artists."

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Freddy P, who was in Da Band with Sara Stokes, Dylan Dilinjah, Chopper AKA "Young City," Babs, and Ness, shared his experience in a tearful video on Wednesday.

Freddy said Combs broke up Da Band and left him penniless and on the streets. He said he hasn't been able to get a regular job due to his notoriety after Combs forced Da Band to walk across Brooklyn Bridge to get him cheesecake.

"I'm fascinated with death... Shoot me in my face. Do not resuscitate, n****a... Send me to my God," Freddy said after apparently threatening Combs.

Combs has not responded to Freddy P's post.