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A TikTok video captured the moment a shoplifting gang rammed an NYPD police car while attempting to flee with $70,000 of designer clothes and bags.

New York City has become the Wild Wild East where overall crimes are up over 44% since the pandemic.

The TikTok video shows NYPD cops surrounding a Dodge Charger after the driver rammed a patrol car.

Police used their batons to hit the windows of the Charger before the women opened the car doors and surrendered.

Police arrested three suspects, Janavia Marable, 29, Brianna Grier, 27, and Jahil Pamplin, 29, all of Newark, New Jersey.

The incident began after the trio looted a high end store, making off with $70,000 worth of designer clothing and handbags on Sunday in SoHo, NY.

According to, the women stole Dior and Gucci clothing, multiple Sacai jackets, and two Bottega bags, which retail for more than $2,000.

When the thieves tried to flee in the Charger they got stuck in traffic.

That’s when the driver rammed the NYPD cruiser behind her and the police began hitting the car windows with their batons.

The trio are believed to be the suspects who previously robbed the same high end boutique in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood.

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