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Viola Davis and her daughter Genesis Tennon are very close. The 11-year-old is very protective of the Oscar winning actress. Sources say Genesis comforted Viola after Twitter users criticized her Michelle Obama portrayal.

A source said Viola was “devastated” by the criticism.


Genesis carried a big stick to fend off wild animals on an outing with her mom and their dog in Toluca Lake, California.


Viola, 56, and her husband Julian Tennon adopted Genesis when she was an infant in 2011. Viola is also stepmom to Tennon’s older children from previous relationships.

Genesis wants to be an actress

According to Hollywood Life, Genesis is taken acting lessons to follow in the footsteps of her famous mom.

“I empower her to understand that she has to count it all as joy,” Viola said. “Even her mistakes, her failures, her triumphs, what she looks like, all of it. That’s all a part of her loving herself, even if none of those things change.”

Genesis loves Harry Potter

Genesis celebrated her 11th birthday with a Harry Potter-themed party. Viola shared videos from the party on Instagram. She captioned the July 19 post:

“Can it get anymore perfect!?!?! ALL my loves… daughter, hubby and my mommy. Happy 11th birthday G. Mama, Daddy and Grandma love you sooo much. You make my life. Love YOU!!!”

Viola and Genesis both modeled for Beyonce’s Ivy Park

Beyonce chose Viola and Genesis to model outfits for her latest Ivy Park campaign.

Viola wore a brown monogram top and leggings from the Honey Drip collection while Genesis rocked a pink cargo hoodie and sweatpants with a matching beanie.