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A Charlotte woman says she received an eviction notice after her daughter and a friend were asked to stop twerking in the pool at their luxury high-rise apartment.

Marshette Foster, who is Black, said the apartment’s concierge asked her 21-year-old daughter, Alanah Foster, and a friend to stop twerking in the pool.

The concierge approached Alanah and told her someone reported their sexually suggestive dancing in the pool. Marshette Foster told the Observer her daughter told him she would stop dancing.

The concierge also told Alanah she had too many guests at the pool. Alanah was with a group of four people.

Alanah and her friend reportedly cursed at the concierge.

Foster told the Charlotte Observer she believes her family was targeted by a different concierge whenever they went to relax in the pool.
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Element SouthPark management said the eviction stemmed from “extremely unacceptable behaviors” exhibited by Alanah and her guests that also included fighting.

The management company provided the Observer with several videos that show Alanah and her guests cutting up at the pool and in the hallways over the weekend.

However, Foster denied the allegations. “They’re making us out to be unkempt, uncouth, that we don’t follow the rules,” she said. “It’s not true. It’s like they’re fabricating.”

Foster said she’s paid $2,600 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment at the luxury high-rise since July 2021.

Foster retained an attorney who advised her to stay in the apartment past the eviction deadline while legal papers are filed to contest the eviction in court.