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Saucy Santana is furious at the BeyHive’s threats over his snarky comments about Beyonce and Jay Z’s eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Santana, born Justin Harris, made the mistake of not deleting his old tweets after he rose to fame as an androgynous rapper in 2019.

The 28-year-old Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star recently signed a record deal with RCA Records. His future looked bright as the beneficiary of Hollywood’s efforts to push LGBT+ artists to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

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Then someone uncovered those old tweets of Santana calling Blue Ivy “nappy-headed” and saying he was prettier than Beyonce.

He also compared Blue Ivy to North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, saying North West – with her light skin and long hair – was the clear winner in the looks department.

Santana quickly deleted his old tweets, but it was too late.

The BeyHive swarmed all over Santana’s timeline, calling him all types of “ugly” and comparing him to oddly shaped objects and animals.

It was brutal.

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So far, Santana has refused to apologize for his disgusting tweets about an adorable child.

Instead of staying silent – like Beyonce often does – Santana took to Twitter to call the BeyHive “Fake woke ass b*tches!!!!”

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“People don’t care about old tweets,” he wrote on Friday, June 10. “The internet have this weird thing with power! Thinking they have the power to cancel someone… NEWS FLASH! You don’t! Y’all think y’all have someone by the balls about situations you don’t give a damn about.”

“Stop all that cap! Tryna ruin ppl Careers cuz you at home miserable and broke,” he added. “I was miserable and broke, too, making childish, hateful tweets in 2014. I’m 28 years old. A grown-ass adult. A completely different mindset on life from when I was 20. But, yall knew dat.”

But the BeyHive reminded Santana that he was old enough to know better.

Some Twitter users noticed the stark difference between the way the “wokes” cancel homophobic rappers like DaBaby, while seemingly avoiding Santana’s controversy. None of Santana’s bookings have been canceled.