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Photo may have been deleted

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Fans of rapper Gunna are shocked by a recent jailhouse photo that shows his dramatic weight loss.

According to reports, Gunna lost weight after suffering apparent drug withdrawals from a chronic addiction to lean and cocaine.

Gunna's locs hair extensions were cut off because extensions can be used as weapons or to commit suicide in jail.

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The rapper (right) was arrested in May, along with pal Young Thug (left), on state RICO gang charges.

Gunna is also under investigation for at least two homicides, WSB-TV reports.

"He is a member of the Shady Park Crips out of South Fulton," prosecutors said in court Thursday, where he was denied bond a second time.

"He is under an investigation at this point in time by more than one law enforcement agency concerning at least two homicides committed by that gang during this time."


Fulton County Jail officials believe Gunna was supplied with codeine cough syrup, cocaine and weed by a contract nurse who was recently arrested after she fled the state.

Photo may have been deleted

Fulton County Jail

According to WSB-TV, 24-year-old TreQuera Lashell Ford was arrested in Mississippi last month and accused of smuggling cocaine and weed into the Fulton County Jail for the rapper.

Ford was extradited back to Atlanta where she faces charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, crossing guard lines with prohibited items, possession of cocaine, and other counts.

Officials said the drugs were intended for Gunna, real name Sergio Kitchens.

Ford caught the attention of a jail captain when she showed up to work smelling of marijuana aroma on May 14.

She told the captain she smoked marijuana in her car before coming to work. She then panicked and fled the jail, leaving behind a bag containing cocaine, marijuana, cigarettes and other contraband, according to WSB-TV.