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An Australian adult film star is offering advice to improve the lives of many people who fall short in the bedroom.

Isabelle Deltore, 40, is one of Australia’s most successful adult film stars. She has amassed a large following of fans around the world.

The former prison guard earns a six-figure income that affords her a comfortable lifestyle and luxury perks, such as traveling around the world and working flexible hours.

Deltore says she is happier than ever before and her current work environment is more respectful than her former career.

“I just realized I couldn’t do it anymore,” she told “I decided to just do one night at a strip club and I made in one night what I could make in two weeks.”

Deltore said she feels “much safer and more empowered” working in the sex industry. “I’m listened to and respected.”

Deltore revealed what many people are doing wrong in the bedroom. She shared some advice that she learned from her 13 years pleasuring other women’s husbands.

Deltore says communication and being open to new experiences are crucial to improving your sex life.

“I’ve seen how people harbor a sense of shame attached to sex,” Deltore said.

“Things like having sex with the lights off, not communicating that they like or don’t like something and being embarrassed to try new things. My advice is to explore. Explore yourself, and your partner.”

She continued: “There is absolutely no shame in a woman taking control of her sexuality, whether that means having many or few partners, or maybe having sex on the first date or waiting until the time is right. Embrace your sexuality. Women are sexual beings, enjoy every second of that. I’m still exploring my sexuality, even being hundreds of scenes deep into my career.”