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Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis announced 26 RICO indictments against gang members who targeted the homes of Atlanta’s rich and famous.

Willis held a press conference in Atlanta on Monday, Aug. 29, to announce the arrests of 18 members of the Drug Rixh gang that operated primarily out of DeKalb County, Georgia. She said some gang members are still at large.

The indictments cover 16 major crimes in the Fulton County area, a suburb in Metro Atlanta. The crimes include violent home invasions, shootings, and a kidnapping in affluent Sandy Springs, Ga.
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Gang members targeted the homes of celebrities and pro athletes, including pop singer Mariah Carey; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley; Atlanta United goalie Brad Guzan; reality TV star Marlo Hampton, and Instagram model Brittni Mealy, who has a child with rapper Future Hendrix.

Photo may have been deleted

Willis described the Drug Rixh gang as a “hybrid gang” that includes members of the Gangster Disciples, the Crips and the Bloods. She said the gang uses “identifiers” like prescription bottles and money symbols that link the hybrid gangs together.

Willis advised Atlanta’s high society to stop flaunting their wealth on social media for clicks and views. The D.A. said gang members are monitoring social media pages for easy targets.

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Willis said victim Marlo Hampton gave a guided tour of her Sandy Springs townhouse to the news media. While cameras rolled, she showed where her valuables were kept in a master bedroom closet.

“She then becomes a victim,” said Willis. “That’s not wise to do… You should be able to show, you’ve worked hard, you’ve had some success. People are interested in you. You should be able to show that. But it’s not a wise thing to do.”

Willis says more RICO indictments will be handed down by the end of the year when she hopes to disband the grand jury.

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